Hi All-

I have a question about PREVENTING methods for bed bugs.

I have done that I can, in terms of mattress protectors, which are on all my mattresses, the ones that go on the entire mattress. Pillow protectors, on all pillow.

Trying to see what preventative stuff is out there, if any, and how else I can protect my places from this. I realize there are many factors, & as soon as you miss 1 square inch, ur doomed.

So, any further ideas for the sofas, chairs, all things fabric ? I just want to try to avoid all this & thought I would check here. I have not idea of any safe to humans/pets products there are on the market either, that I can spray ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Search Youtube for “diatomaceous earth bed bugs”
watch videos how to use it.

Buy it

Word of warning- you do have to be careful not to breathe in the powder when applying it- although it is non-toxic, for the same reason it kills bugs, because it is microscopically sharp, it is not good for your lungs to breathe in.


Thank you both for info.:slight_smile:

Make sure that you have a luggage rack - a metal one - in every bedroom. It sounds daft, I know, but the little buggers like to travel in luggage but don’t like metal.