Become co-host without being a host

Hey there!
I’m managing 4 apartments for friends and is like to become a co-host. Thing is I don’t host myself.
Could I put my apartment on Airbnb and not host guests by blocking all the dates?
Would Airbnb figure it out at some stage?

Thanks for your help!

You just need an account. My husband is my co-host, but he doesn’t have a separate property.

Or do you guys have another idea :bulb:??

Oh really??
Thanks a million, I’ll check that out tonight! Does it mean your husband is getting paid at the end of the month via Airbnb platform? Like by wire transfer or PayPal?

Thanks for the prompt reply :grinning:

We don’t divide out our payments, but I believe there is a setting for this. You can divide out payments between hosts, cleaners, etc. I’m not sure how it works exactly, though.

Thanks a million again Ash! Much appreciated!

@Sandrine all the information about how to set yourself as a co-host is on the Airbnb Help Centre. Have you had a look on there?

(I am presuming you are talking about being a co-host for existing Airbnb properties).