Beachfront Promenades

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Our Airbnb is in Palm Cove in Queensland Australia.

For many years now I have been ‘socially promoting’ the closure of our 1.2 km long beachfront esplanade to conventional traffic. Our Council is currently seeking input for their Masterplan for 2030 and beyond.

Buses, trucks and cars are currently competing with the eTravel generation of eScooters, One-Wheels, bicycles and pedestrians now, let alone 2030 and beyond.

I am looking for international examples of destinations where there is only eTravel/people powered devices and pedestrians between the built environment and the beach.

Any suggestions please?

Here in Southwest Florida (and the rest of the state as far as I know), there are no roadways in the zone between the ocean side of the hotels/condos/houses and the water’s edge. The roads are all on the land side of the buildings.


Tel Aviv boardwalk- brilliant!
Runs between the old port and Jaffa.


Brilliant. I think that there is even a Palm Cove in Florida.

Thanks Deb. I’ll check that out.

Malibu, CA down by the Pier has a section cordoned off for pedestrian traffic only.

NYC’s Stone St. has the same, lots of restaurant tables in the middle of the cobblestones.

I know there are others, but those are two examples I can come up with.

Fire Island, NY.

And Catalina Island, CA.

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The “Malecon” in Puerto Vallarta. It also features a lot of sculptures.



Muddy - you’re gold. This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for - on the mainland and no conventional traffic between water or beachfront and the built environment.

I think that there are sections of the Spanish med coast but I haven’t tracked them down yet.

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Oh good. There are other malecons like that in other Mexican beach towns, too. The PV one is especially nice, with all the greenery and art and events.

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My 1st thought was puerto Vallarta!

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Venice beach (Los Angeles) is classic

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It’s beautiful, near a stunning cathedral, lots of restaurants and old cobbled streets. And good sailing!

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IIRC both Cannes and Marseille have pedestrian waterfronts.

There was a terrorist attack with a big box van mowing down pedestrians at one of them, maybe a year ago?

Yes indeed. But what I’m looking for is where there are no conventional cars, buses and trucks between the built environment and the waterfront. The Malecon in Puerto Vallarta is the gold standard for us. The California examples are also good.

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In the French incident, the van illegally entered a pedestrian-only zone.

It was Bastille Day, 2016 on the Promenade de Anglais in Nice.

And yes, Nice also has a nice beach promenade.

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