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Be wary of scammers during this difficult time

I wonder how many of those self-same hosts complain about their guests not bothering to read the check-in details or the house rules.


and @muddy

Not to mention the fussy nature :wink:


Oh, thank you… Good information.
I reported him to AirBnB naturally - I presume these people just open a new profile when they get blocked…

I feel bad for those who make their living doing this. I have one property and am losing money due to people being unsure. Had a few guests early on but only have 3 lined up for the rest of the year.

Hello, I’m new to the forum. I was hoping someone can give me insight in the following situation that’s happening to me. I had a big group reserved for this week in the loft I rent, when they arrived the condominium, the reception staff gave them the keys and showed them the loft, they made a big deal of the smell of the loft and some “mold” in the loft, they try to contact me but due to bad reception I didn’t get their call or messages until later. By the time I had reception they were gone. the staff tells me they stayed 2.5 hours and left, and also they explained to the guests that it wasn’t mold and they told me there was no smell. I already got the money for that reservation but now Airbnb contacted me and is asking me to refund the guests. what can airbnb do to me as a host if I refuse to refund the guests. I don’t have a problem refunding guests money if they contact me directly via airbnb messages but this all happen in the 2.5 hours I didn’t get cell reception so it looks quite fast to me. This is the first time this has happened to me in the 2 years of hosting and I’m afraid of what airbnb can do to me as a host if I refuse to refund the guests.


Woke up to this stunner this morning:


so you got a booking request from Mel Ttttillis?


definitely not Mel; my best guesses:


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Only 3 of us will get this joke.

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I’m nt sure about this, but i don’t think you have to waste a decline on a scam Inquiry like this. I was under the impression that if you just report it as a scam, they’ll just remove it. I’d hate to have to tank my acceptance rate on something like this. I might be inclined to message back (which would stop the inquiry clock) - “You have been reported to Airbnb and the police, scammer.”


I marked it as SPAM in my reason for declining. I don’t see anywhere else to do so. I didn’t leave a response for “Boris and Natasha”.

Isn’t there a flag under the message? I thought there was, and that that was where you coud report it, rather than declining. In any case, I’d be interested to know if, since you declined and marked as Spam, if it affected your acceptance rate?

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I didn’t see one

Also not really sure. But if it took a toll, then I think I’d have justification to try to get it revised. At this point I think its rather moot.

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It shouldn’t be that easy for the scammers to get the refund. Who told you they were giving out refunds to bookings made after March 14?

More like stoner. What a clown

Hi This is completely unrelated, but i’ve just created an account… how do I post? I can’t see a post button…

per my message: Here’s a scam that I saw twice from different folks on a different forum.

You can’t until you’ve been on the forum awhile. Please read first to see if your topic has already been addressed until you get more forum privileges. If you have a truly unique pressing issue you can send it to the moderators and we can post it for you.

This is a site for hosts only not guests, a support forum for hosts. Are you a host?

Yes. Who are you? …

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