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And where’s the dominatrix sex dungeon? I should think that would be far more of an attraction than a woodshop.

I don’t even understand why woodshop is on the list. How many guests come equipped with carpentry tools so they can whip up a table at an Airbnb to take home with them? And what host is going to provide an equipped woodworking shop so guests can ruin or steal their tools?


I just realized most of our neighbors don’t have a covered gazebo, and most of our guests spend a lot of time in ours. So it would be a big selling point.
Oh, well. I’ll look to see if they have something else that would work.

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If I had a wine cellar with wines, I sure as he** wouldn’t let guests in there! And it doesn’t make much sense to let guests use it - a wine refrigerator for a short stay makes a lot more sense…

Who ARE these people that created this list? Am I really that out of touch? Maybe it was Brian Chesky “hey, assistant, I want to live like the ordinary person does on my stay in all the AirBnBs. Please choose places for me that you would stay at. But they had better have a wine cellar and a cinema or I ain’t going there!”


The folks who come up with this stuff are probably like the guests who mark you down on location or value.
“I wish it had been closer to the beach.”
“I wish it there had been a roasting pan for my Thanksgiving turkey.”
“I wish there was a music studio (…bowling alley, darkroom, woodworking shop).”

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I opted in and it’s quite cumbersome to make changes to the listings now… everything requires more clicks.

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The Airbnb techies are in love with multiple clicks, the more the better. Why only have one click to access something, when you can have three?

This has irritated me for some time. Why should I have to have the multicalendar page come up when I click on “calendar”, when I only have one property and want to see the monthly calendar view? No, I have to instead click first on calendar, then click on my listing name to the left of the multicalendar to get there.

How hard is it to just have “Monthly calendar” and “Multicalendar” on the menu?

It’s like going to a restaurant, perusing the menu, wanting a burger, but it only says “Burgers” with an asterisk, and you have to flip to the 3rd page of the menu to see what kind of burgers they have.


Bowling alley, right. Don’t forget your bowling shoes!


Me too. Our outside lake area and garden and water view is our main attraction.