Be careful Houfy vs Houfiy

There’s a fake site
They’ve copied Houfy including the owner log-in page.

If you are on Houfy it’s easy to accidentally give them your log-in info.

Also on the Houfy Facebook Group thread 2 people are posting about stolen listings. You may wish to take a look in case yours was posted on it too.

Weird silver lining—Houfy must be gaining in popularity or the bad guys wouldn’t bother trying to steal the info.

UPDATE: Houfy team is on this. They discovered the website was created 5/2021 in Africa. They’ve managed to get it taken down.


Except that they are trying to redirect guests to scam booking pages so they can steal their credit card info.

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Perhaps. Not all bad guys are smart.

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Yes-that’s why I posted here. Guests & hosts are possibly being scammed. I didn’t mention the guest side because this is a host forum.

I’m not sure it’s a sign the Houfy website is becoming more popular

I’ve only heard one person claim they’ve got bookings from it. Have you had any? @Annet3176

As long as they refuse to invest any money in their marketing they won’t grow awareness amongst guests. Relying on hosts to promote the platform is a poor and ineffective marketing approach.

My listing isn’t live.

The past 18 months have been difficult and at times I’ve considered moving my condo to LTR, so I decided to wait to list until January 2022.

I’ve been following the Houfy Facebook group. Much of the conversation has been about resolving some clunkiness with how the website functions including payment processing.

Rome was not built in a day. While it seems it is taking Houfy a long time to rise, from Airbnb’s inception 2007 to getting a surge in bookings in 2011 thus becoming mainstream to me listing in 2014, was over 7 years. I heard about Airbnb from a host, not an advertisement. I’m willing to give Houfy some more time.

We will try it again, but only after they fix this mess. We emailed the owner to make sure that he was aware.
His response asked us to report it to the FBI and contact the ISP/domain registrar to shut the site it down. :roll_eyes:
In any case, it looks like some action was taken: