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Battling mildew on shower door sweep


So I was laying on the bathroom floor the other day with a Qtip and a cup of bleach trying to clean the mildew off the inner layers of the clear plastic sweep on the bottom of my glass shower door. About all I accomplished was some clorox inhalation . Any tips? Or should I just yank it off and silicone a new one on there? It’s about 5 years old.


I sound like a broken record but how about LA Totally awesome’s miracle cleaner?

Not kidding, it cleans everything. Not sure what is in it!

Case in point. We did a carpet clean with the standard Bissel carpet soap that came with the steam cleaner. Got up some dirt but not a lot. Thought okay the carpet was maybe not really that dirty after all? Then tried it with the LA Totally awesome and got bucket after bucket of filthy black carpet dirt. Unfreekn real!!! Totally impressed!

I still don’t know what is in it!


I found Astonish mould and mildew cleaner way more effective than bleach. Black mould infiltrates the domed hair catcher my shower drain. If I spray and leave it gets in right out.


Ok. I’m sold. Gotta get me some of this. I’ve never heard of it but will look on amazon today for sure. (Let me know if you purchase this through another outlet)


Just looked it up – it’s listed as “vegan friendly and kosher”! Presumably gluten free also.


Yes. It’s probably non binary too.




It’s a dessert topping and a floor wax!!! :joy::joy:


You laugh – I had terrible white stains on my teak dining table and credenza where the dog jumped up to bark out the window, knocked over flower vases, and left all-day puddles soaking into the furniture (not to be confused with the cat thread). I tried ironing them to pull the water out, then just lived with them, I figured I would eventually have time to sand and oil (yeah, right). Miracle solution – mayonnaise!! Rubbed it in, left it for 20 minutes, polished with paper towels, no more white stains. If you’re not standing real close, you don’t even notice the pooch claw marks.


Oh yah! Mayo is a tried and true! I had a guest leave water rings right next to a coaster on my little cocktail table. Mayo got it right out. Has the oils and whatnot to reverse the situation. Later, my sons stayed there for a board game weekend and did the same. More mayo to the rescue!


Start asking for commissions!


Dollar Tree and most other Dollar style stores carry this as well.


In the strange town I live in both Kmarts and Walmarts quickly go out of business, along with McDonalds, Starbucks and 7-11 stores, LOL I’ll check online at Kmart. Adding to my ever growing list! :+1:

@dpfromva and @konacoconutz, MAYO? Are you kidding me? Never heard of this EVER as a furniture restoration product. Whaaaaat?! Love to hear more, always mayo in the fridge!


Yep, astounding results. Wish I had thought to take before and after pictures. Only complication was fending off the stupid dog, this time caught in the process of trying to lick the mayo off the tabletop.


Mayo works on wood rings, kid you not.


That’s hilarious! I miss my fur baby!!!

I can’t wait to try it! Maybe it will help with the rings and scratches left by the nightmare TEENS! :tired_face:
How long do you usually leave it on and let it soak in?


I did an overnight treatment.


I did 20 minutes, covered in plastic wrap, section by section.


I bought some on amazon after @konacoconutz recommendations. 2 bottles were $10.
The only bad part - one of the bottles wasn’t closed tight - so some leaked - but it was the only thing I bought that time from amazon, so it didn’t get on other stuff in the box.


I really want to know how you like it!!! Sorry it leaked.
Do you mean spray bottle size or gallon size?

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