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Bathmat recommendations?


We have 3 bath mats that we rotate between guests. One is from Target, a heavier cotton that looks nice, the other is more like a thick towel that I myself don’t like because those type tend to slide all over the floor (seems like hotels use this style a lot). I worry anything with a rubber backing will fall apart. My problem is that all of them take soooo long to dry. Does anyone have a recommendation for a quick drying bathmat that doesn’t have a rubber backing but looks decent?


I have a couple so I can rotate them and use only cotton because the rubber backing never lasts.


May I ask why you want to avoid rubber backing? I know it gets destroyed eventually but I rather buy a new cheaper mat every few months than put the heavy mats that take an eternity to dry… I actually find them gross and I hate stepping on them every time after the first shower. So I just assume it is the same for my guests. I prefer thin mats like these from IKEA because they dry quickly and are actually quite sturdy: https://ind5.ccio.co/c3/17/I8/61OZGHbD2KL.jpg


Because that rubber backing starts to fall apart and gets everywhere. I don’t want to keep buying new ones. I’ll probably just stick to what I’ve got and just buy a couple more for the rotation if no one has a viable solution.


Yup, the rubber also stinks and gets icky. All cotton is easier.
I’m in Hawaii and throw them in the sun for ten minutes and they are dry. :rofl::sun_with_face::rainbow::palm_tree::hibiscus::parasol_on_ground::desert_island:


Ha! I am in Seattle and although we’re on a record setting dry streak, 54 days and counting, and also hot weather, mid to upper 80’s, that is not the norm. After summer I’m sure we’ll be back to our constant grey and drizzle. I’m trying to plan ahead, LOL. I think I’ll just buy a couple more.


One of the reasons the rubber falls apart is because of the heat of the dryer. Be sure you dry it on low heat.


Hi Arlene, I’m pretty happy with these Land End’s ones with rubber backing but I’ve only had a month so I can’t speak to how it holds up in wash. It isn’t super think so it dries quicker: https://www.landsend.com/products/supima-non-skid-rugs/id_225488?sku_0=::598

Also really happy with their all cotton alternative which is plusher and good value for the money: https://www.landsend.com/products/essential-cotton-reversible-rug/id_212982_-2


We have a microfibre one that is brilliant for drying fast and doesn’t look gross with age. Similar to this one except blue


We use the same bathmat as @Gardenhost but we buy ours at ikea. They are great!


When I’ve had rugs with the rubber it still degrades even though I hang everything and don’t use a dryer. Might be the humidity here.


Ok, this might explain why rubber gets destroyed so easily for some people. Mine endures for several months and does not leave any kind of residue. Maybe it’s also about the kind of tiles? Mine are not shiny but rather matte, so things stick less.


I rotated 3 bath mats from IKEA but finally turned to a teak tree one and i’ve never been happier about it


What!!! I love this!

Just wondering, though, if there is a problem with the floor getting wet underneath because there is nothing to absorb the dripping water?

It wouldn’t be a problem now that we’ve installed the Schluter system in our bathrooms (which protects subfloors, etc) but that renovation came because water was literally destroying our subfloors.


Well the trick is to roll it and place it in an upright position after use then there’s no water beneath it. I roll it up and let it dry in the shower afterwards.


Your guests do this? How do you train them so well?


I simply tell them and smile with my pretty blue eyes.

Also I bribe them with chocolates and champagne. That might have something to do with it? :smiley:


I have a wooden bath mat and on that I provide little matts from Ikea, they were about €1.50 each and I leave a few in the bathroom so guests can help themselves


I have two bathmats from Costco that have rubber backing. I’ve washed them and put them in the dryer many times and they’re still going strong!


I love the nubby ones from IKEA http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10331919/
They’re affordable, clean up well, and dry fast.

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