Basic airbnb requirements for a host

I am a host. At the mo I rented out an entire place as a guest for two weeks.
I was shocked when I asked host about cleaning, that she told us there is none offered and i had to wash my own bedsheets and towels, as well as take the trash into the town’s bins. I asked her for washing powder for the sheets, she told me she has none left. This I find hard to believe.
None of this was stated in listing. If it was I wouldn’t of booked. I spend enough days at home cleaning after guests. Why should I do it on vacation!
As well as no washing powder, there was no handsoap, toliet roll, shampoo like it stated in listing.
Am I wrong to think this is unreasonable?!

Nope you aren’t wrong. These are basic requirements for everyone now. Document and report to Airbnb ASAP. You can probably be fully refunded.

Edit: I was wrong they aren’t basic requirements.


Butterfly, your host isn’t a particularly good one but unless it’s a luxury rental then you’ll be expected to clean the place yourself and lauder your sheets and towels. This is not what I what I do for guests in our rental - I’ll change sheets and supply fresh towels after a week - but basically anyone renting an entire place is on their own. No services are usually provided.

However if the listing said that essentials (shampoo, toilet paper and soap) are supplied then they should have been.

In our rentals I provide basic ‘starter’ items and then guests have to fend for themselves. That’s what ‘self-catering’ is all about.


I’m not sure I understand what is going on - are they complaining because there is no regular maid service or laundry service like in a hotel? Or having to launder and clean everything before leaving?

Sorry maybe I am misunderstanding. Are you talking about laundry and cleaning mid stay while you are there? Not that they expect you to clean everything before you leave? In that case I am not particularly shocked you have to do it yourself, if you wish, and provide your own powder. Did you think a maid service was included in the price?

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I don’t expect a maid service, but I think host should be clear in listing if guests have to wash own sheets and towels. If this was the case she should of provided washing powder, at least some to start us off and also provided a spare set of sheets and towels.
I guess she’s made it worse by lying, saying she has no washing powder. I can see her washing line when I pass her house, clothing blowing about on it!!
And also the basics should of been provided. This is in Airbnb rules. If I have a guest staying at my place, even if it’s for one night, I always make sure I stock up on supplies, especially the basics such as soap, toliet roll, shower gel etc.
I guess my standards are higher.

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I would be shocked too.

  1. It is a requirement that all hosts provide basics which are toilet paper, shampoo and soap, bedding and towels

  2. It is very unusual for a host to ask a guest to wash their linens and towels. If they do want guests to do this, they need to state it in the house rules

  3. Similarly I have never heard of a host asking a guest to take rubbish into the town’s bins

If neither the washing nor the bins were in the house rules I wouldn’t be doing it.

You are not being unreasonable and as a seasoned host you know what to do. As @KKC says, document and report. I do hope you are following up your conversations on Airbnb messaging. Personally if it’s a longer stay I would be finding somewhere else.

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Phew! For a moment there I thought you had to clean/launder the place when you arrived, as in clean after the last guest left. I’m sorry, not a helpful comment, but this literally took my breath away. I don’t think it’s reasonable to have to travel with laundry detergent and toilet paper when staying anywhere, even in a complete dive. Hope you have luck with Airbnb resolution. Or ding the hell out of her on her ratings. How are her ratings by the way?


And here I am travelling internationally with my own toilet paper and washing detergent! Some hosts just don’t have it supplied and I am not getting into an arguement with them about what should be there…appropriate reviews are left.


From the most recent (?) Host Q&A regading basic amenities:

Why did you add new basic amenities requirements?

Our goal in requiring essential amenities was to meet guest expectations, as these are the items guest tell us they look for. But we’ve changed our approach and are now leaving it to hosts to choose whether or not to include essential amenities. For listings that don’t include essential amenities, we’re exploring ways to let guests know what to expect.

That last bit is new, innit?


Oh my…I always travel what I consider to be EVERYTHING. Guess I need to reassess!

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Oh my goodness, that is new!

Her ratings are excellent. Although saying that she’s only 20 reviews! So I guess quite inexperienced.
Not one person mentioned about having to wash bedsheets or take trash to the town bins. However alot of them mentioned they only stayed 2-3 days.

Exactly, she needs to put it in house rules if this is required.
Even though the place was reasonably clean, there was a few issues like the grill and fridge we had to clean before using. She also states in her listing guests can enjoy a barbecue. However this is totally unusable, as it’s completely filthy and covered in dust and cobwebs!
I really don’t want to get into an argument with the host and start a drama, I’m on holiday after all. I will review her though.
I might make a call to Airbnb and run the issues past them, then proceed from there.

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@jaquo and @Helsi

Shampoo has been taken out of the basic amenities by AirBnB more than a year ago. We never provided it in the past, because shampoo is very personal thing. And almost every guests takes their own.

AirBnB probably noticed the same thing, as a host you can never do it the right way with shampoo. There will always be a guest complaining that you should have provided brand Y instead of X.

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I do not know if it is unreasonable, because it all depends on local customs. Like in some area’s it is normal to bring your own towels and bedding.

But it should all be in the listing. So 1 start for accuracy and value.
I would also report it to AIrBnB for being not accurate.

Host had shampoo in amenities

Report inaccuracies. I don’t understand the host at all. It would be easier for them just to give you a clean set of bedding after a week or whatever so you can change it over. I think it’s unreasonable to expect guests to travel with detergent for bedding. The host could easily launder the bedding at their leisure. In UK law providing such services protects your property rights against a tenancy being created. It also stops guests from ruining bedding by washing it wrongly or creating more problems with the bed by not making it up properly.


Just reported it to air. So we’ll see how they deal with it.

You’re right, it would of been so much easier if she give some washing powder.

Oh another thing we just found out. We are expected to water all her plants!

I think it depends on your guests, I would say about 70% of mine use the shampoo and conditioner I provide and about 90% the shower gel, so I will continue to provide them. Lots of guests come from abroad, so it’s important to provide these because of our luggage restrictions here in Europe.