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Ban on booklets in new AirBnB guidance in California

well the California state government has posted their re-opening guidelines on Friday, which we are scrambling to meet. As well as some expected extensive cleaning guidance, we are asked to remove all ‘re-usable collateral’ from rooms (ie take out all local attraction details, magazines, etc). Friends who have stayed in hotels over the weekend also report they are stripped bare of the usual booklets, guides, etc.

This is a real shame as we have been providing books, playing cards, games etc, which I think is part of the personal charm. Also, we rely on multiple signs and notices to keep guests informed about the WiFi password, etc. A single laminated card isn’t going to cover it (and we know that electronic info is rarely read).

Has anyone else experienced this in re-opening guidelines? Any advice?

Quote below.
All reusable collateral, such as magazines, menus, local attraction details,
coupons, etc., should be removed from guest rooms. Critical information
should be provided as single-use collateral and/or electronically posted.

Link below for anyone who’s interested.

Notably, no ability yet to re-open if you are renting rooms.

Gotta love CA and all their over-the-top laws, guidelines and regulations. A partial but simple solution is print out a few additional copies of the Stay Guidebook and rotate them, so that there are enough days between guests - and everyone has a “fresh one”. It doesn’t address the lovely and thoughtful books on the shelf but “it is what it is”.

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If so many people didn’t love it maybe I could afford to live there. :upside_down_face:


When I (used to) travel I would always say I was from california, lots of international respect.

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