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Bad weather for guests

Guests coming to my rental for a ski weekend in VT, and the temps will be single digits. I have a strict cancellation policy and am covered financially but what to do? If they came during the week starting Monday temps would be ok… should I offer those days to them ? I usually block week days.

Have they asked for any consideration? Sometimes there are two right answers. If they cancel you could either stick to your policy or offer the warmer days. If you are thinking you’d be heating the place less on the alternate days, you could just contact them and ask if they would prefer the weekdays. If they do, suggest that they request a date change on the site or just do it and don’t bother with the paperwork. You’ll get paid for the original dates but neither of you will be penalized financially.

Since the guests booked knowing that you had a strict cancellation policy and that it’s cold in VT this time of year, I don’t think you need to give them any accommodations but as Christine said if you will do better by not heating the home and offering other dates then no harm.

If it inconveniences you, then that would be a hard no for me.

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DO NOTHING! It’s winter. It’s Vermont. Single digit temps are not “bad weather”.
They’re not coming for week at the beach! A forecast blizzard would be another story…


You’re overthinking. Relax. They’re coming for snow. If the cancel stick to your policy.


have they asked? some people dont mind the cold and just expect it if they are Skiers it is part and parcel. :cold_face: but if they do ask, perhaps offer a different date, but I would do it through Airbnb, just on the off chance that someone else books your now open weekend.

It worked out fine and they seemed happy with everything! Thanks for the responses!


Weather is just part of life. I wouldn’t offer any discounts or changes unless they either ask, or it’s a hurricane/dangerous type situation.

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