Bad reviews - Mauvais commentaires

How to remove a bad review?
Comment supprimer un mauvais commentaire?

Except under extreme circumstances you cannot remove a “bad” review. What was bad in the review? Why? Low point score? Negative things the reviewer said?

Tell us more, perhaps we can help or at least explain better


Yes, please tell us more. As your bio says that you offer an Airbnb guide for French-speaking hosts, shouldn’t you have that information already?


It depends. I have successfully removed one untruthful review by a French guest. He complained that I didn’t provide a coffee machine. I showed evidence that my coffee machine was there before his check-in and at the time of his check-out. Airbnb support removed his review but it took me dozens of calls and emails back and forth. That guest must have mistaken my place for another one of his multiple bookings. The process was exhausting…


I wonder if that is possible on BDC as well? We had guests who assumed we offered breakfast, towel service etc. which was nowhere mentioned, ever.

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BDC will not ever remove a review……


Yes, I’m new here and it’s true that I put the guide in by mistake, and now I don’t know how to remove the guide.

That’s not the point really, is it? If you have enough specialised knowledge to, as you put it, ‘sharing with you some tips for guest reviews…’ in your book then why are you asking the members here to give you that information?


Yes, I know the rules for reviews… ok, I understand you are moderating, but you can ask me about reviews if you want.

So you weren’t asking how to remove a bad review, you were trying to get posters to engage with you so you could somehow monetize your “expertise”?

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