Bad Neighbor-What to do?

Hello everyone,
I am a superhost and recently I added another listing my own rented place with my landlord’s blessing. Unfortunatelly my neighboor is really bad and started swearing at me and threatens to call the police on my guests! The police and my lawyer say that he has no right, but how can I protect my guests? Does anyone had this problem? What should I say to my guests during their stay. Although for now I snoozed it I have lots of booking already! Thank you all

Get an injunction/tresspass notice from the police (harassment order maybe? Not entirely sure what it’s called from country to country). Where I am you only need one recorded instance of harassment. You already have that if the police have been involved already

Thank you!

Μυρτώ Κατσίνα
Myrto Katsina :cyclone:

Sorry to be negative but it seems that your neighbour hates STRs. This means that he/she will always cause trouble. I think that you seem to have the law on your side but a nasty neighbour is a dreadful thing.

Can you go on a charm offensive with your neighbour? It seems to me that the only way you can resolve this is by getting your neighbour on your side. Is there any way you can do this? Can you discuss with him /her - calmly - why they object? And can you assure them that their objections can be answered?

Can you find out exactly why he/she objects and then counter the argument? Is there anything you can do about your guests to make them less troublesome to the neighbour?

A frank and open discussion with him / her might be the best way forward.


Your post reminds me of a story from one of my fellow in-home dog boarding hosts. She had a complaining neighbor. The spent thousands upgrading the chain link fence on that side to a nice, high, solid wood one. I don’t think that entirely placed her, or maybe it was just an extra measure of insurance but they sent an Edibles (chocolates and fruit in place of flowers) bouquet and completely turned her.

So whatever gift might be appropriate in Greece…

Thank you for your insight! He does not speak to anyone in the flats and he
is so offensive that the police told me to never speak to him also! He
started acting on the noise my guests were supposedly making but now it is
clear that as you said hates strangers. My big question though is how to
let my guests know about this issue without making them anxious? Do you
have any idea?

Μυρτώ Κατσίνα
Myrto Katsina :cyclone:

I don’t think you could get this neighbor on your side, he’s just an Ahole. I would go the legal route to stop him from harassment.They wont listen to you but they will listen to the police or a judge and if the still wont back off if I was a renter I might consider moving away from this Ahole, he could be dangerous and do crazy things like slash guests tires… On the way out I would notify the owner so HE can deal w him.

That is tough. After they book you could tell them about him but I don’t think it would make harrassment less likely and would only cause anxiety. I would emphasize to the guest that these flats are close to each other and it’s important to be quiet, especially as they are coming and going.

Thank you very much for your thoughts

What can you do if the neighbors are filing a harassment order against me? There are about 4 neighbors who have gotten together to complain about late night noise, open drug use, no permit, too many cars and other stuff. They photograph our guests if they innocently wanted across the property line (no fences!!) We are making a killing on Airbnb and want to know how to get these people off our backs and our guests backs. Should we beat them to the punch and file a harassment order?

@DesertRose - Are your neighbor’s complaints valid?

What is a “valid” complaint? How much evidence to they have to have?

Are the things they complain about happening? If so, you need to stop your guests from harassing your neighbors.

Just deleted this as I hadn’t read your post properly at all. If your guests are doing the things they complain about I think you have a responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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