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Bad experience with recent guest who used a family members profile

We had a bad experience with a recent guest, the listing was left extremely dirty for a 5 night stay, and many house rules violations.
We plan on leaving a negative review, but it appears he used his brother’s profile to make the reservation, even though he has his own.
The only way we found out is because there is a review for him on his brother’s profile. They did a group travel together.
I did contact Airbnb and they are investigating. Not sure what good that will do.
Right now I can only leave a negative review on this brother’s profile.
Should I post the negative review on his brother’s profile and explain the situation?

A tip that is not responsive to your question: if the brother leaves a negative review, the odds should be in your favor to get it removed as it does not represent his own experience, a review policy requirement.

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Ok, thanks for the tip.

Obviously a third party booking- you can push for removal.

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I think the truth will work.

X’s brother booked my home using Xs account. X allowed a 3rd party booking of my property which is against Airbnb terms of service.

(This part might be a problem…) The brother left my home dirty & damaged and X did not accept responsibility for the booking in his name.

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Absolutely you should leave an honest review on the brothers profile to warn future hosts and make sure you mark him down for cleanliness so he can’t IB in future .

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X’s brother booked my listing using X’s account. Third party bookings are not permitted. The brother left my home dirty and damaged. X did not accept responsibility for damage or third party booking. Would not host again.

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As always, hosts should leave honest and straightforward reviews. It’s important too to say that this was a five day stay. It’s pretty difficult to make a place ‘extremely dirty’ in just five days so please make sure that’s clear in the review.

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