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Back to my real work on monday


Hi all

After 5 weeks summer holidays in Australia I am going back to work for a break. We have been booked solidly and only in the last week due to Camp Creative have we had week long bookings. During which we have gone to the beach every day and relaxed. . I love the money we earn but it’s so good not to clean every few days and keep the dogs inside. Planning an overseas holiday this year for a break from it.It is mainly positive but I sometimes dread a message in case it is a complaint such as the gas has run out.

Love it but a break is also great.



Shanghai, I know what you mean. I think it’s a good sign to love what you’re doing and to love when you’re not doing it!! When I don’t have guests the house feels kind of empty, but just love love love not worrying about the noise (my unit is on the lower floor, and I have 3 kids) and not having the guests to interact with and think about.

For many years we had a student living with us full-time, but had her move out so we could use her room for airbnb space. So, very nice, when we have no guests, we don’t have her, either. Love it.

And love meeting the new guests when they arrive! I love getting to know them and a bit about where they are from. It’s great fun having them add a star to our map I love that feeling of the rooms being ready, the bed-side lights turned on for ambiance, everything shiny and glowey. And having the breakfast table set the night before, all arranged nicely. Their look of pleasure when they see the room (and 95% of my guests are new to airbnb so I think they are so relieved it’s not something strange).

Then, the sigh of relief when they are gone…


Yes, isn’t it funny … I prepare our apartment and make it look lovely for guests and then, just before they come, my husband and I stand and look at it (surfaces gleaming, bed soft and inviting, fragrant breeze softly stirring the linen curtains) and sigh and go: “What a shame GUESTS are now going to come and spoil all this!!”


YES… and also the sigh of dismay when you are cleaning for a back-to-back and only have a few hours of NO GUESTS


Yes, we’ll come back upstairs from where the guest’s quarters are and often say “It looks so nice down there!”

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