Back doing AirBnB and what I'm doing differently this time

I got a bit burnt out last year, came on here a lot for support (which was always awesome - it always helps to have a moan). Thought a lot about it and decided not to do it again. Then…I just changed my mind. This time though I’ve decided to play by my own rules.

  1. I’m putting the onus on the guests to clean the room and bathroom when they leave. Change overs are now easier. “Here’s the hoover, here are is the cleaning stuff”.
  2. No more shitty one night stays in my house. 2 nights or I decline unless I think they look really cool/fun and they write a lovely email (its feeling very empowering to decline people).
  3. Don’t care if they give me 3 or 4 stars. I just don’t care, whatever. My listing isn’t shown as much? Don’t care.
  4. Block out day before and day after bookings for some “me and my family time”
  5. Don’t do breakfast- but I never did!

So far its going well, but its early in the season. I know I won’t make as much money as last year.


Just realized I should have added this to the topic about doing things differently didn’t see that topic - mods can move it to there if they like!

That’s an awesome way of running your ABB! You have to do what will make you happy, otherwise, it’s just not worth it!

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