Bachelor Party - Whole House listing

I received my first booking request for what reading between the lines is a bachelor party. 6 guys for a whole house rental. Have others been able to work out ground rules to accept such bookings or best to just decline?

This is not a party destination, (NOLA, Nashville, Vegas, ) but near a college town.

The guy has a wife and baby in his picture so perhaps an older crowd.

We have numerous bachelor/ette parties, the girls are by far the worst! I would just remind them of your house rules, quiet hours, etc…

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Do you allow parties, and are your neighbors open to the fact that they may play music and make noise? If the answer is no to any of the above, I would decline. You can’t be there to “police” them off-site.

We could never have a party in our quiet neighborhood, but do get a fair amount of requests. The requests aren’t even for overnight stays. Just pool parties, bachelorette, baby showers, photo shoots. I decline all, as we have enough of a hard time keeping the place intact with one or two guests!


I have no parties in my listing, but in 100 plus guests, its possible someone has pulled the wool over my eyes. I’m not as concerned about noise as I am about damage.


If you have any hesitation, (and the booking is something that isn’t worth the money/can be booked anyway), then declining is wise.

Especially if you are having to “read between the lines” instead of them just saying, we’re getting together for a mellow bachelor party. Just fishing/golfing/whatever…instead fo imagining strippers, music, spills, noise, damage.

Trust your gut.


Ask for a cash – not Air – damage deposit up front. “Dear XXX, it appears that your group may be having a ‘bachelor party’, so I’m going to be up front and tell you I’m a bit apprehensive about renting to six guys. I’ll approve your rental if you will agree in writing here in your response that you will pay a $500 cash refundable damage deposit to be paid upon arrival.”

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As a person in a Bachelor Party town, I can advise you.
Do NOT accept bachelor parties. Men, on their own in this circumstance are awful.
They overdrink, throw up, make noise, spill things, play beer pong with your dining room table, throw things from the deck and stumble up the driveway.
That is just the tip of the iceberg.
No lectures please…I am in a bachelor and bachelorette party destination. This is not discrimination, and not prejudging. I live this environment.
I think it is a mistake that nice homes are now being rented to these groups in neighborhoods. It does not work. Can you get a good group? Well…yes of course…but the risk is just too high.
This is one of the reasons that towns and neighborhoods are turning against rental homes…they are not objecting to granny…they are tired of vomit and piss on their lawns and their bushes.
And guys dont care about throwing away money so a high security does nothing.
Trust me please…run the other direction.


Decline the inquiry. I Ive learned the hard way to listen to the little voice screaming ”this doesn’t feel right!!!”

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What would the neighbours say to this?

Doesn’t asking for cash deposit go against the TOS?

I’d just decline rather than risk Airbnb suspending my listing over a TOS violation.

I’ve personally only had one issue with a bachelor/bachelorette party, but I’m an on-site host which I think attracts a more mellow crowd. Go with your gut!

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Just wondering how the lines are, if you read a bachelor party between them. Maybe my brain just isn’t very creative for the moment, but are you supposing it’s a bachelor party because it’s 6 guys or do you know for sure?
Six men is hardly a big party, and I can imagine more all male groups just getting together once a year to drink a beer, have a laugh, fart and scratch their balls in a more or less boring manner.

If you do have clear indications of a party, YES, do try to get rid of them or have them pay a substantial damage deposit.

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Described as celebration of friend getting married. Looking for house on a lake to fish and reunite.

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Doesn’t sound too bad to me now that you explained that you’re on a fishing lake.

Maybe have a frank exchange with him about your concerns.

Guest canceled the booking. We have had a lot of flooding and I advised the lake is no wake currently. Not sure if that was what caused the cancellation or the fact that I asked him if it was a bachelor party.

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Fishing is a big red flag for me.

I don’t know exactly why but I sincerely laughed out loud to this. Perhaps I imagined the glassy, silent lake at 4 a.m with snippets of on Golden pond scenes…:wink: