Baby milk vomit - a new challenge?

Just before Xmas I had a guest who managed to throw a whole glass of red wine onto the rug. I tell guests in the handbook that there are no consequences financially if they tell me about Spillage! asap. Salt and a lot of washing and some white vinegar seemed to get most of it off. Fortunately my cleaner who comes in once a fortnight was better able to get most of it off. Now I have a young family staying for a week over NYE and got a message their 2yo toddler had thrown up milk all over the sofa. Again more than happy they told me. Get most of it off with soap and water. A little bit worried it will smell. I suggested they keep trying and use the spray for dog wee smells later. Any ideas? I had already arranged for my cleaner to give the sofa a deep clean post (our) Summer but that is 4 weeks away. Thoughts?

OxyClean will take care of both the red wine and the baby vomit quickly and easily. No more stain, no more smell.


I was a little surprised the stains didn’t quite come out of the carpet. But it is from India and hand made so possibly they use a dye that is less stain friendly.

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The combination of proteins and enzymes in the milk can be problematic, to neutralize odors I use a canine shampoo, SOS Skunk Shampoo ( my preferred choice ) or

  • 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon liquid detergent
    Mix in a large, open container and use immediately, it can be safely used on people, pets, clothing, and furniture.
    The mix cannot be covered or stored because it can explode a closed container. To get rid of the leftover solution, dilute it heavily with water, and pour down the drain.

Thanks for your advice, but I don’t think I would use hydrogen peroxide on soft furnishings. I can unzip the cushion covers, which caught all the projectile, and wash them on a gentle cycle so will probably go with that if they still smell.