B.con- has anyone seen a setting for accept / decline a booking

Apparently there is a trial for accept / decline bookings on B.con.
Has anyone seen this setting or knows where to find it please?

Rang b.con to find out about this new policy.
Apparently new registrations are being offered this and MAYBE, it will be offered to hosts who have been around longer.
I expressed my disappointment at this, as a new host won’t appreciate what a huge change this is to the platform!
Fancy - asking questions of a b.con guest and then have the choice of approval or decline!
No more instant book!!

they should be seeing it as a way to entice us back there…


Yes, number one reason my listing is inactive on b dot com is their double-booking policy of host paying for another property. With no RTB option and a calendar that only syncs a few times a day (they told me every eight hours), I wasn’t willing to take the risk of a double booking.

Although I don’t like AirBnB’s policy if we are inadvertently double-booked (penalty even if we cancel within a few minutes), at least it’s a percent of our rate instead of an unknown and higher penalty.

add in much higher fees, a charge to receive my money, payment 1 month later, and the worst guests ever… they’d have to make a big change to entice a farm stay host like myself. They can stick to their hotel/apartment niche.

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