Awesome Apt on third floor/NO LIFT :-(

Hello everyone,

So, I have been managing properties through Airbnb in Malaga(southern Spain) for the last year and half. Things are working out great, I started out with three family property my mother owns and then when I saw the business started getting other apartments from third parties.

Now I have been offered a great apartment in a prime location, very nice and luxurious. However the apt is on a third floor and there is no lift in the building. I want to make money off it but do not want to get negative reviews and/or lose my super host status.

How would you guys work it out? I do not want to mention the lift situation on tittle but want everyone to know beforehand.

Thanks lot in advance.


I would mention it in your introduction. Also emphasise that it is not suitable for older people, those who are infirm and families and have captioned photo of the stairs early on in your photos. Make it a condition of booking that they acknowledge the stairs.


Writing a listing on Airbnb is like no other form of advertising. You have to be totally honest or you’re going to get dinged for accuracy. Good advice from @Helsi

You might even want to confirm to guests when they book about the stairs situation.


I would not make the assumption that “older people” or “families” can’t do a third floor walk up. Otherwise I concur – disclose the situation clearly up front, prominently and repeatedly, and get an acknowledgment.


Oh, good point. What’s an older person anyway? My dad died earlier this year. An accident, not old age. He was 93. He could have used those stairs no problem.

So sorry for your loss. My Dad is 84 and recently climbed the great wall of china!

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I didn’t say can’t but I think families with young kids and older people are unlikely to want to - therefore that would make it unsuitable.

I stayed in a third floor apartment in Paris quite a few times without kids and it was exhausting going up and down those stairs particularly with luggage. I can only imagine what it would be like with a buggy and all the paraphernalia that comes with kids who inevitably will get tired and will want to be carried.

And for older people who may have health conditions, it could be difficult too.

I would do exactly that, mention in the title. 3rd floor walk up, great views…

Good luck



You dont have to mention it in the title. I’m hosting for 8 months 2nd floor apartment with a forever broke elevator. I mention it in the description and I also clicked the “must climb stairs”. Only one review mentioned that “the elevator is broken” so far. Dont ruin your title I believe :slight_smile:

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Haha, I was just going to suggest it for the title, but maybe not.
How about

Awesome third floor flat walkup in city center

Then mention the stairs in your first sentence or two.

I once stayed in a friend’s friend’s 5th floor walkup in Florence. When my friend first offered it she said, oh we can stay for free but have to walk up five flights of stairs. I remember thinking who cares!! But when I actually got there and was doing it twice to three times a day… :joy::joy::joy:
I still wouldn’t trade that flat for the world, stairs or no stairs. Right in the heart of Florence and the 5th floor gave us incredible views! Building was 600 years old, so whaddya expect?!!! :joy:

Great suggestion @konacoconutz but I am not sure most would understand ‘walkup’ so perhaps the OP could find their own phrase for that.