“Avoidable cancellation by Host”

Host Cancellation policy

…sorry…Updates email today: “We’re removing the $1000 cap on fees for avoidable cancellation by Hosts.”

Please forgive me if this is an obvious statement. I don’t know what it means. “Avoidable by Hosts” why and/or how?” Removing the “cap” means they can raise it, or…?

Removing the cap sounds like an unlimited penalty

“Avoidable cancellations” should basically mean hosts cancelling bookings because they failed to keep their calendar up to date, or their pricing, or their settings, or like some unethical hosts do, cancel bookings because they got a better offer through another platform or directly.

But of course, Airbnb could deem many reasons that hosts feel are acceptable reasons for cancelling to be “avoidable.” Like if you got sick or injured and couldn’t host, them claiming you could have just gotten a co-host, which of course isn’t always possible.

I can see a massive increase in plumbing/ sewerage issues… listing is unrentable!


Is this what AirBnB charges us if we have to cancel due to our mistake? (Double-booked, family/friends visiting and need the room, etc.) I believe this fee was $100 when I started hosting.

I’ve paid $50 twice this year. My only cancelations in 12 years.

ABB was fun while it lasted. The more they dictate who and what I can allow as a home share host, the more I’m glad I’ve suspended my listing. I’m currently hosting my daughter’s friends (lovely couple) who were flooded out during #Idalia and may be with me for a while.

Direct booking website here I come. I’ll message all my former guests and let them know.

Sad, really, how they’ve ruined a perfectly lovely booking engine that has brought so much joy to hosts and guests. :crying_cat_face: EDIT: I just received a wedding invitation from annual guests who now book directly. Absolutely the best thing about hosting - the people I’ve been fortunate to meet.


This is the part that gets me:

" if the Host and guest both agree that the listing doesn’t meet the guest’s needs, the Host can refund the guest’s payment after the guest cancels, or to process the cancellation without consequences."

So the host says in their listing that the place isn’t suitable for children, and the guest says “I’ll be the judge of that” and it doesn’t qualify as a penalty-free cancellation?


Oh, lordy- hadn’t even thought of that…:roll_eyes:

yeah, they are no longer welcoming of various hosting styles. They want hotel-style hosts. I imagine the more interesting listings and hosts will drop off slowly. Airbnb will be just another OTA with characterless, soulless places to stay. These hotel-type listings managed by property managers already dominate many markets.

I already have regular conversations with friends and family about “you know when you could find an affordable and interesting place to stay on Airbnb”. You can still find them but it’s a lot harder.

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My first AirBnB was a home share in Paris. The hostess was a former theater and television set designer. Her best friend was Mikhail Baryshnikov’s housekeeper in Paris. I had warm chardonnay on a 2’ terrace on Ile Ste. Louis with two fascinating women. My interesting guests have been amazing. So sad…