Availability calendar

Why is it that most calendars show blocks of months of no days available? Is this an Airbnb policy or is there some strategy I should know of?

It could either be that they are already booked, are taking time off from renting, or only allow booking so far out in advance

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There’s a setting where nothing is available unless you specifically open it up, so I’m guessing at least some of these listings you see are doing that.
A portion of hosts only take guests when they are gone from their home, so they won’t show much availability. In the US, you don’t pay any taxes on the rent received if you rent out less than 14 nights, so some people only open their home two weeks out of the year. And others don’t know their schedule until a few weeks out, so they keep things blocked until they are certain they can host.

I have my calendar blocked by default and every couple of weeks I open up 2 more weeks, never more than a month in advance. During the holidays and summer I get booked quickly once I open up. My listing is expensive for my area but fewer are available so I get booked.


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Are you looking at a particular City. In my case I’m only allowed by City ordinance to do AIRBNB a Maximum of 4 months a year. I don’t open my booking calendar until April for May - August because AIR allows people to cancel in advance so I find that looky loos will book & then cancel, the reservations you can rely on are the ones that are made nearer the actual dates they intend to stay.

I have my calendar opened up for 4 months at a time. I’m nervous about opening up more than that because you just never know what circumstances might be down the road. I’d hate to have to cancel on anyone. I just don’t want to commit to anything farther out than that. Plus I can keep a better handle on my pricing that way.