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Automating housekeeper's cleaning schedule?



Hey fellow hosts! I’m fairly new to the Airbnb hosting world and as I started getting more reservations, I ran into a problem: notifying my housekeeper when there are new reservations. I would just text her everytime and sometime it would slip thru the cracks. I just coded up a simple app to automate this process. If anyone else is interested, let me know and I’ll share it with you.

Happy hosting!


Someone else came here a few months and offered a similar product. Have you had a look at it?


Please do, where can we check it?


Hi Helsi, I looked at 2 that I found in my search and though they were good I wanted something very light weight and super easy for housekeepers / hosts to use. So far my housekeeper says she LOVES it :slight_smile:


Hi Oded, it’s called aprilapp(dot)(com)

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