Automatically block weekends

Hi there,

is there any way of auto-blocking every weekend including a Friday?


So, just clarifying, you only want guests who stay Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thurs? No guests Fri, Sat & Sun?

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No way I’ve ever seen to block like that unless you do it manually for every week.

I suppose you could put the price for Friday through Sunday as like $99,999 or whatever the max allowed is. Set it for weekend prices and then manually for Sundays.

I recommend Militaryhorsegal’s idea, and then block the dates, There have been reports of blocked dates becoming unblocked, so I always set a high price on the blocked dates just in case the black fails.

There is also an option to set a higher minimum amount of days by day of the week …that in combination with a prohubitive high price per night should discourage any reservations on weekends.

I would put my listing unavailable by default then open the weekdays up.


Those are all great suggestions and thank you.