Automatic feedback progress

Just a short note on the way Airbnb use their auto computerised feedback
So far this summer I have received 5 stars all-round - but one couple put a comment as ‘wrong address’ lol because their particular gps took them a few yards up the road lol - no one else had this problem - so Airbnb have dropped me down as something to work on lol - nothing to work on the address is there post code name and number of house !
Another drop down with auto Airbnb is refusing a guest - I received a last minute booking - within a few hours of arrival - which we do not do we ask guest to give us notice - also the photo this person supplied looked like they were having some orgy party at some pub coupled with fact there were no previous reviews or background on the person -as my wife who is 68 is often here on her own I sent a reply refusing request - I heard nothing back from the guest but received a ‘something to work on’ for the future knocking me down to 83% - ah well !! Lol
Anyone else having same issues