Automated appraisals

This summer I have hosted quite a few times with 5,star ratings - however one recent rwview although giving 5,star for each section comes out as 4.9 ? Lol
Another issue Airbnb say ‘I have to work on’ is an I correect address which came about as one guest missed the house by a few meters due to his sat nav lol - my listing address is correct gives post code, name and exact location - what is there to ‘work on’?
Also I refused one last minute guest as I ask people to contact me first, basically they had no previous feedback and their photo was taken in dubious circumstances by the look of it- so Airbnb dropped me a few percent because of this - anyone else have had theses type of issues?

Yes I have, for example the address one, the guest made the error, my address is 100% correct yet Airbnb allowed her accuracy ding and misleading review to remain. Airbnb do not concern themselves with the accuracy of reviews.

Can you prove this is the case? Do you have IB on or off??

I ask guests to contact me prior to booking - Airbnb dropped me a few percent as they said (auto mode) I refused a guest