Auto Sync Problem - Check your auto sync!

I’ve been lurking around this site for a few months now - what a great resource of information! I had a situation occur and thought I’d share it with this group so you can double check things on your end.

This past Friday (5/25) I received an instant book on for a weekend that was ALREADY booked. Long story short, my calendar sync from VRBO & HA isn’t “holding” the block. It has been working beautifully for months but just stopped. If I do a manual calendar sync, my calendar shows the blocked reservations BUT THEN the block disappears and my calendar is again open within the hour.

I’ve already re-linked the calendars, same problem. I then manually blocked those reserved dates in the AirBNB calendar - those DATE BLOCKS disappeared too!

After about 3 phone calls, and even having a customer service rep ‘block’ dates for me, the calendar block continues to disappear after a little while. Yes, a ticket has been opened. I’ve had to snooze my calendar awaiting resolution from AirBnB. Strangely, the date blocks for reservations from Bookingdotcom is working fine.

If this becomes a long term issue, I may have to figure out a work around using the bookingdotcom calendar - but just a heads up to everyone to double check a couple of upcoming reservations. And if you are having, or had, this same issue, I’d love to hear from you!


@SpokaneFiveStar - there have been threads here about blocks becoming “unblocked”. The advice is to set your price really high (say $2000 US) on those dates and then block them - that should keep people from booking. Then you don’t have to snooze your listing.

I also just manually block my VRBO bookings on the AirBnB calendar and vice-versa. That also gives me the freedom to open them while they are blocked on another.

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I only book through AIRBNB & their calendar has failed on me a few times when I’ve blocked dates.

I like the idea of setting the price really high!

Unfortunately I cannot block the dates directly on the AirBnB calendar as they become ‘unblocked’ a short time later!

Do yiu use a channel manager?

No, just the calendar sync function offered, which had worked wonderfully until recently…

Have not had this problem syncing between Vrbo and Airbnb

This issue is such a pain. It’s still occurring and ABB “closed” my ticket - they said that they’ve forwarded it to IT to assist and they hope it’ll be resolved soon but they had to close it from the customer service department.

I opened another ticket via the website stating that even if I manually block a date on the calendar, the block disappears after a couple of hours. Listing still snoozed…now watching…and waiting…and watching… UGH!

Could just go off instant book until gets worked out.

If you haven’t already opened a ticket with ABB, please do! Hopefully as more of us report problems with ‘syncing’ - they’ll get it fixed sooner!

My listing is still snoozed, but I’m thinking of unsnoozing it with $3000/night rates on the reserved dates and a note in the description about the calendar issue until resolved. I’d love to go back to instant book but still have concerns even with the extreme nightly rate…