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Hi everyone,
This is my first post to this forum, despite reading and getting so many brilliant hosting tips since we listed our property in March this year. Just wondering if there are any hosts on here from Australia that can recommend a good insurer for STR’s? I worked on the assumption that Airbnb insurance would cover us, but from reading this forum, it would seem like getting additional insurance would be a good idea. Any advice would be appreciated…

Welcome @Kmarsh!

Yes, you’re very wise to think seriously about getting a good STR insurance. You’ll find that most long-time hosts here wouldn’t be without it. The Airbnb insurance certainly won’t do the job for you.

There are several hosts here from Australia who might be able to help you. @Poppy can probably advise you as she is a property manager who looks after listings for owners.

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I recommend Terri Scheer, I believe that’s who most Australian property managers use. They have a specific short stay policy and it’s only about $300 a year.

There is another company that specialises in in home hosting. I can’t remember their name but I could probably find it if I did some digging.

I wouldn’t rely on the Airbnb guarantee.

Great, thanks so much @Poppy. I’m in Tasmania and my standard insurance provider doesn’t provide STR insurance… I will look into Terri Scheer.

Born and bred in Launceston myself.

You can try ceneta insurance, Veronica kryptos.

Veronica is the person I was thinking of for in home hosting insurance. I know that she started working for a company when it first came out. Do they now also offer a short stay policy similar to Terri Scheer’s?

Unfortunately I have no details on Terri scheer. But I went with Veronica, which was written by aig.

Terri Scheer’s is a policy for short stay rental owners that covers you for renting your property out to guests. My understanding was that the company Veronica was working for only sold policies to hosts that hosted in their home, while they were home - in home hosting. That at the time there wasn’t a company in Australia that would cover in home hosting so they were filling that gap in the market. I saw her selling it at Airbnb evenings.

Hi all,

I am in Perth. I just found a new option- RAC Insurance. They have a new product- a Bed and Breakfast Protection Policy. Covers your use of the home as well as short term guests. Their price is very good. You must ask for their Specialist Team as I was first told by the receptionist that they have no such product. I also got quotes from two other companies that proposed landlord policies but you have to be careful with the fine print. One of them had to say on it “investment property” it could not say we live there. The other said “no business use” when we clearly have a registered short term stay business. When I questioned it they both assured me it would be no problem in the event of a claim but I was not comfortable with that.

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RACT added mine too the existing home insurance