Aussie Host: What do you buy your sheets and towels

Hi Aussie hosts, my usual source for sheets has just advised me my preferred sets are no longer being made. I’d love to know some other options for sheets and doona covers. I usually source commercial linen that’s a poly/cotton blend so that when it goes to the laundry, the sheets don’t shrink and my sets have previously lasted about 4 years with heavy use.

I always get all white linen and my reviews have been excellent, with 1 out of every 3 guests commenting on how soft the linen is or contacting me to ask where I get it from.

I’d also love to know where everyone gets their towels from, mine have been from Target (and I buy up big when they have their homemaker sale).

K-mart for me… I replace linen and towels pretty often, once they look old they get replaced. Some guests also stain the linen with all sorts of unidentifiable liquids, and these ones usually get thrown out immediately. The other source of cheap linen and towels will be Ikea, during one of their clearance sales. They held one recently and i was able to snag some for half the price they usually go for.

Reviews have all been great so far, no guest comments regarding towels and linen. My heavy investments are in the mattress, sofa, and bed frames.

Thank you, I’ve considered Kmart but I found that they wear out so quickly when they are sent to the Laundry versus washing them at home. After one wash I had sheets fraying and the seams unraveling. Perhaps I was unlucky, do you mind if I ask how often you’re replacing them?

Quite often! Almost every few weeks. We usually do only quick washes (30 minutes). For those sheets that are heavily stained, we just throw them away. And we have found many sheets get thrown away before they even got a chance to get old :rofl:

This keeps us sane because these linen don’t cost much and we don’t go into fits if they are stained or torn. We made sure the cleaning fee covers the entire cost of a linen set, which comes up to no more than $15-25 tops.

Totally off topic tip … Give them to animal hospitals and humane societies. Animals don’t mind stains and the sheets keep them cosy and warm :cat:


that’s an excellent idea @jaquo. I will certainly look into this.

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Target do a great 500 threadcount sheet. I bought one set recently to try out and am really happy with them. They feel like they are really good quality, dont crease too easily and dont seem to absorb stains as easily as some.

Thanks kmarsh, how did you find they handle in terms of shrinkage and wrinkling? We don’t iron our sheets so that’s why I avoid 100% cotton.

I don’t use a drier and only wash in cold, so have had no issues with shrinkage. They feel quite a bit thicker than my other sheets and I havent noticed any problems with wrinkling but I fold them straight off the line. I refuse to iron too, so the sheets that I have on high rotation cant crease too badly or they get shoved to the bottom of the pile!!

I go for Sheridan sheets from Sheridan Outlet- it’s a nice thing to add to your description and if you get them from the outlet (online) they can be really decently priced- about $12 each.

Linens we used to get from Target, they had a really nice 100% cotton 600 threadcount sheet but I haven’t been able to find them recently so have been getting the vintage softwash from Canningvale- i’ve been really happy with these!

We also bought some bamboo sheets from Costo which are perfect for summer- they are SO soft and best thing is they are really thin (in a good way, not a cheap way), so I can fit 5-6 sets in my 11kg washing machine (compared to 2-3 sets of my normal sheets).

Spotlight when they have a sale.

I’ve had a recurrent (bossy) guest who keeps telling me I should get my sheets from Aldi when they are on sale.