Aussie academic research on Airbnb - seeking Syd + Mel hosts

Hi Australian hosts! I’m a researcher in urban planning at UNSW Sydney, and am running research project about Airbnb, focused on trying to understand its impact on housing affordability in Sydney and Melbourne. The research is funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) - you can find out more (and take the survey) at the City Futures Research Centre website (just search for Airbnb).

We’re also interviewing Airbnb hosts in the two cities, and we’d love your help. We’re keen to understand people’s motivations for becoming hosts, what decisions they’ve made about their property, and what their experience has been like. If you’re interested, please email me (laura.crommelin AT Interview participants will receive a $50 Coles gift voucher to compensate for your time (about 20 mins).

Many thanks,
Dr Laura Crommelin

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Hi konacoconutz - apologies if I’ve breached the forum rules. This is a repost from a few weeks back (Feb 21) that was reviewed by K9KarmaCasa. Just wanted to post again to show the research is ongoing. Let me know if you’d still like me to delete. Thanks!

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Not Sydney or Melbourne - but Northern NSW - have 4 entire homes - any good?

Oh, okay, I did not recognize it and it sounded like a new study calling for participants rather than an update.

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Will do in future – thanks!

I replied to this at the time and was emailed a bunch of forms to print out, sign and return with disclaimers etc. Too much work for me. Maybe you should try an online survey first. But good luck anyway!

I didn’t know that. Surveys need to be easy for people to use, not an ordeal.

I did this survey with Dr. Laura on the phone, a few weeks ago.
It was a pleasant & easy experience, definitely not an ordeal.
Took about 30 minutes, at a scheduled and mutually convenient time.
I had to sign 1 simple form to return to her & received my Coles $50 gift card the other day.


Not a fit for this project, unfortunately – I’m sure you have some great experiences to share! Thanks anyway.

Thanks for the feedback - and sorry for the slow reply (just found this in my junk folder!) if you’re interested, we do actually have an online survey as well, which is available via the website
The interview does require signing a form, unfortunately - it’s a university requirement to ensure participants are properly informed about the research. The online survey version is much less onerous though! Cheers, Laura

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thanks have done the online survey now.