Audi and Airbnb, an experience destination

Did anyone else see this listing? Thoughts, comments?
I’m not into cars, nor am I into deserts :slight_smile:
But, going to save to my wish list just so I can see the reviews!

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I love fast cars and deserts and that house is just wonderful!

What a fantastic idea - and a very interesting marketing move.


Did you notice that the calendar is fully closed? They are going to carefully choose the people who get to take part. I expect that there will be one knock-out gorgeous, young couple. A very well maintained older woman with silver hair. A family with a younger child, picture will include that child in a mini-version of the Audi. And then a mix of other racial profiles to round out what is in essence a photo opportunity for Audi and AirBNB.

I fit none of these categories, nor do I have that kind of money, but boy would driving fast in the dessert be fun!


I’m pretty sure that house was featured on one of the HGTV shows, like Extreme Homes or something similar. I tried watching a couple of those shows because they do show really cool houses, but it’s extremely frustrating to watch because the pan and scan style video never lets you actually get a good look at anything. After watching for a half hour I have a headache too.

Yeah, I’m also pretty sure everyone who books will be photogenic.

Edited to add: what kind of money do you want to bet that all the reviews will focus heavily on the car? Takers?


The desert thing kind of creeps me out. I think I’d rather experience Slab City if going to the desert. At least I’d get local color.

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I thought it was reasonably priced if that price includes accommodations and unlimited time driving the car. There are 3 bedrooms so 2 people could split this and it would be 300-400/night. My brother spends almost a thousand racing his own car on a track for a weekend so this just seems so well priced. I don’t know if they would want my brother driving their car… lol. They probably impose limits on speed, etc?

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