Attracting business travelers

Hi all-

I’m a new host. I’ve noticed Airbnb starting to focus on business travelers which is neat–maybe they will pay more to me!!

Have any of you provided computer monitors or white boards to attract business travelers?

Any feedback would be great as I think about what to do. Thank you.

Business travelers are not looking for white boards and CPU monitors. Nice desk with office chair, WIFI.


Monitors and white boards would go missing in a heartbeat. IMHO business travelers want a GOOD bed, fast WiFi, a comfortable adjustable office chair and a good-sized table or desk unencumbered with chotchkies.

Chotchkies – Yiddish term for decorative doodads, thingamajigs and whatchacallits that serve no purpose other than to encumber tables, shelves and other flat surfaces.


And force the viewer of such items to dust more frequently and with more swearing.


Thanks. Sorry for my ignorance. What does IMHO mean?

In my humble opinion.

Ok, thanks. How about a printer? Anyone ever ask for that?

@MrBoston5. I think you have to give us a bit more information. Are you hosting in your home or an entire apartment/house? The requests vary depending on the configuration of the space and the proximity to services.

I have only had one business traveler who needed me to print for them. All other print requests were for boarding passes and tickets.

Entire home (condo). Trying to figure out how best to grab these guests with additional ammenities. Thanks.

That’s a good idea. Just monitor how much ink it’s costing you.

If there is a FedEx, staples, or UPS office within an easy walking distance, I would simply include information on how they can transmit their printing to one of these offices and then they can pick up. Page print costs for cheaper printers is really high, so I would be careful about offering an unattended printer.


Hi @MrBoston5

Have you looked at what it says on the Airbnb Help Centre say about what you need to provide if you want to be identified as a business friendly host. If not go over there now.

I presume you are asking this because you get a lot of business travellers in your area staying in your type of accommodation.

Great you are so enthusiastic as a new host, but why not focus on the import things.

Quality of your listing - photos and words
Having a nicely decorated place
Good house rules
Don’t let guests who haven’t booked and pay stay
Don’t use Instant Book until you are familiar with hosting
Focus on having a super clean place.
Meet and greet guests or have someone do it if you can’t
Have home insurance for short term lets.

Read Airbnb Help Centre cover to cover.



thank you-that’s helpful.