Attention US hosts: Are you raising your rates for Labor Day weekend?

I am considering raising my rates and doing a 3 night minimum stay for Labor Day weekend… It feels like a risky double whammy. Anybody doing this?

I have been booked for Labor Day weekend since the beginning of July :slight_smile:

And yes, the rates were higher.

I raised my rates a little because there is a small music festival going on that weekend. I’m booked already for the two days of the event. This is not ordinarily a tourist town so anytime there are events that I think might attract the ABB crowd I will raise my rates a bit, not to the point of gouging though.

I know, it seems a bit late in the game, but thus far I have been making days in my calendar available week by week. I’m pretty new to hosting and doing it this way has kept my stress level down:)
I just wonder if I’m jumping the gun (or being too greedy). I’m about 5 weeks in and have 7 reviews (all good)…

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I was new to this game and Labor Day was snapped up [with two different reservations] at my low introductory rate. However, neither reservation had a clue it was Labor Day! The first reservation are folks from the Netherlands and the other one is traveling from New Zealand. I will pay better attention this year to major events such as college graduations, Head of the Charles, 4th July, etc.

It’s a business and it’s all about supply and demand. I raise my rates for holidays. Labor Day weekend was booked a month ago. It’s a good idea to check with your chamber or local university to see what’s coming up. Of course, being new, you want to get those positive reviews in before you can match the rest of the market.

What is that? I learn so much here!

Ah, the largest crew regatta in this country. It is a blast!!! And attracts tens of thousands of crew members and spectators. If you don’t have a reservation for dinner now for that weekend, you are eating at some mediocre spot. My home is a 20 minute walk from the most coveted viewing stand.

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Exactly. My plan from the beginning has been to get 10 good reviews before I even think about charging any fees/raising rates, or making any changes… But now Labor Day weekend is a week away and everything I read (been reading everything I can find about hosting) says definitely raise rates for holidays…
Not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things I suppose, I’m leaning towards just leaving my listing as it is and sticking to my original plan regardless of the holiday…

Have you had a bunch of inquiries for those days that haven’t worked out for this reason or that? If not, then, Labor Day might not be a big deal near your place.

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@Anikka - that’s smart to start slow and open up dates as you get a feel for things.

Yes, raise your rates a bit on labor day. See what happens! You’ll learn something.

I’ve loved using Beyond Pricing. Other hosts on the site are going to think I’m selling for them, but I’m not. They answer a lot of these questions for you, and give you good information about if your price is to low or two high.

My labor day - ugh - got booked last winter when I was playing around with prices and discounts. Wham this guy booked a week for his family of four, for less than what they would pay at a total dive. Ah well…what did I just say on another thread? We are all learning…

Thanks! Went ahead and raised the rates a bit for that weekend, we’ll see… I feel like it’s a fine line between keeping an open mind/enjoying the experience and turning into an obsessive nutcase! (I spent WAY too long at the store this morning trying to decide between candy or granola bars for guest snacks, ridiculous! In the end I just got both.) I’ll check out beyond pricing, though I have to say I’m skeptical after seeing the rates Airbnb suggests. Way too low!!

I agree. Of course, Airbnb doesn’t seem to take into account whether your place has a prime location, better décor and furnishings, and ratings/reviews. I think it’s mostly an across the board average for the size of your place and the community/competition. Like I said before, I may be one of the highest and last to be booked, but I still get booked :slight_smile:

Yes, airbnb’s price tips hamstrung me for a long time. They have increased significantly in my area, though. Beyond Pricing is different. If you search (top right corner) you’ll find a few threads that explain what it is.

And yes, I think everyone on here can confess to a certain level of obsession - listings, linens, and locks…and more!

That is exactly what I did. I did it for July 4th and was booked. If it’s going to affect my weekend it might as well be worth it. Also, guests expect rates to be a bit higher here in NYC and suburbs on holidays.

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Exactly. I technically didn’t raise my rates of the weekend because I the person who booked the time took over 7 days. That said, lately I am not even bothering with a weekend rate. I have already lowered my rates so much that I am not taking less on weekdays. No way. You want to pay less - go somewhere else.

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I think it depends on your area. I don’t see a point in raising for Labor Day where I live, but I’ve definitely raised my rates for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I raise my rates for any time that guests might have time off work and therefore long weekends. This includes Labor Day, Memorial Day, Easter etc. and also for special events.

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Interesting question. I generally raise my prices for holiday periods, but then Labor Day is a U.S. holiday and 90% of my guests come from outside the U.S., so thus far it doesn’t seem to be a good idea since the weekend is still open. Hehehe. For more global holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter, I have no problem jacking up the prices, because I get booked without a problem.