Attention UK Leaseholders

Hello everyone

A recent judgement in the U.K. seems to suggest that all leaseholders on Airbnb may be breaking the law; if this is upheld then it spells trouble for Airbnb in the UK given most home owners are leaseholders.

To clarify; leaseholders are not people who rent in the traditional sense: leaseholders are homeowners who own their property but effectively rent the land or sits on from a freeholder.

If this is upheld, it will affect a huge number of hosts in the U.K. and will probably make 60% (if not more ) whole property listings illegal.

I saw this too @Zandra - be interesting to see what happens. I’m not sure how many UK BNB hosts are leaseholders - it only applies to those who have a lease on a flat. Not to those who have freehold houses or flats.

Not sure if it would be as much as 60% once you take out people who share their homes or are a freeholder rather than a leaseholder.

  • glad I have bought outright :slight_smile:

Leasehold flat or house :wink:

Sadly leasehold houses do exist :scream:

And note I said whole properties in my original posts; I’m aware this doesn’t apply to live in hosts :slight_smile:

Oh I don’t know you could have leasehold houses.

And I was pointing out the wider point around shared properties for the wider community :slight_smile:

hi all
I have a question t regarding this.
I recently bought a flat (2017) and I would like to list it for a month as i will be away.
The flat is a leasehold, the company that the previous owner has signed the lease with has been dissolved in 2010. I have something like 901 years lease to complete, and my question is if I list the flat I am I doing anything that it is not legal as the landlord is in dissolved?
i will apriciate your advice