Attention to Co-hosts our there, beware of scams

Hello Airbnb community,
this issue is addressing all the new co-hosts, but also the Airbnb community in general. Be aware of scam profiles that appear as new hosts. If you receive a co-host offer from someone, before you agree to any deal with them, make sure that the profile of that person is not a spam…
This happened to me earlier this month.
I️ had joined the new feature that Airbnb offers about becoming a co-host for other hosts. My first experience was with a lady from Brooklyn, great communication, eventually accepted the offer for co-hosting for her, same with the second host that we were able to reach to a long term deal. However, few days back I️ received an email from Airbnb suggesting if was interested to host for a person named J. somewhere in the New York Area. Texted the guy and ask him if he would like to meet face to face to discuss about it. The guy responded that would love to and that would need my help to set-up listings for his properties in New York and Miami. (we never met face to face ).It looked like a legit deal, so started exchanging emails about what i would need from him and i also gave him an offer. After that moment it became weird. I received a different email accepting my deal and claiming that was the assistant of that guy and that she is accepting the offer, she also sent me a yahoo account with the password in order to create the listing. Something didn’t look to me right and I decided to do a small background check to make sure that I am covered. Checked his profile on Airbnb, didn’t had any reviews, just a pic and a phone number. I️ googled the pic and found out that his pic was taken from a advertising website in France and the phone number was located somewhere in a restaurant in Belize. I could be wrong, but after that I contacted the guy and asked for an id proof. ( the guy never responded back )
That being said, I already have informed Airbnb with this issue.
Just wanted to share it with you and give you a heads up :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work
Damian G.


Hello @Kosmasdamianos1

Personally I would never make an offer to co-host services until I had seen the listing and checked the host out. Interested in how you decided it was a ‘legit deal’ before meeting the host and seeing the properties?

On a side note, unfortunately most newbies I’ve spoken to have unrealistic expectations about how much they should pay and how much work is involved.

Good luck with you Airbnb management business.


Super important to know that! Thank you. Gut feeling never wrong…

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What the hell did I just read?