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Attention fellow Long Island, NY airbnb hosts. New cleaning and guest services company

Hi, was just looking to get in touch with fellow airbnb’ers from Long Island. I’m just getting a cleaning and guests services company off the ground that focuses on local listings only. We will be serving all areas of Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk), with a major focus on Fire Island and the Hamptons.

During my extended travels this past summer I found a major void of cleaning companies that could adjust to what it takes to handle a vacation rental. From cleaning to key delivery and everything in between.

Website is up and running!
Long island cleaning, Airbnb, vrbo, vacation rental, suffolk county, maid service

Market research led you to create a company called Stay Away Cleaning?


The name was in reference to owners of vacation rentals could now have the ability to ‘stayaway’ longer. I also have plans to expand the business to my current full time profession in the restoration industry (fire/floods/puffbacks/mold/etc) and with that appilication the name works imo if you know anything about restoration.

I appreciate the honesty I guess. Similar companies based in NYC had boring names such as ‘Guesty’ and ‘Proprly’ which didn’t really do much for me. Very odd of all those I asked prior to launching had not made mention of it not being a good name. Maybe you could elaborate…? I highly doubt your post is something you’d say face to face but the likes prove you have some silent agreement.

Lol - I’m with Felix.

I see what you’re trying to do but the name suggests a company I should stay away from rather than hire.

I like the name of the company. If any is looking for that type of service will be inclined to rate a looksee.

Plus I like his enthusiasm.

Eh, whats in a name anyway. And lol thanks luckytx! You seem like a very intelligent person with a good sense for people. Tell any friends you may have in NY!

Having trouble figuring how to market directly to potential customers though, beyond stalking them down via the map on Airbnb or posting in forums. Anyone know if local Airbnb hosts message boards or groups exist?

Craig, you should have really arranged your marketing campaign well in advance :slight_smile:

That’s one of the first steps for a new business. A word of warning about forums and message boards - most are very intolerant about blatant self-promotion. Join, add interesting non-commercial posts, become part of the community and only then mention your services.

Social media will be your best friend. Be sure to build up a good following on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Flipboard, Scoop and (if you must!) the dreaded Facebook :slight_smile:

Airbnb is a huge topic all over the internet so make the most of it. I also would suggest that you write daily blogs about Air in general and your services and promote them like crazy on social media. Hope this helps!

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Be sure too to make sure that your app is perfect. Most hosts are incredibly busy so ensuring that your app is brilliant is more important than your website. We want to engage with you and book your services when we’re at the supermarket, the beach or at the office :slightly_smiling:

Test, test and test. Before you launch your service, make sure that everything is perfect. Don’t be tempted to launch before. Remember the old cliche that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Your website needs a lot of work but one of the first things you need to do is get rid of ‘Proudly powered by Weebly’


Thanks for the advice but I think you missed my actual question :slight_smile:

To be clear, this is obviously not a multi million dollar startup with large financial backers. Nor do I wish to represent it as such at this time. It is myself along with some co-workers that have a combined 10 years experience in the cleaning business (restoration specifically) in the beginning stages of looking to provide a service to the local few hundred or so airbnb listings in my area. We’ve just begun a canvassing campaign of local listings and pending some additional traction, a properly funded marketing campaign in the future.

As of right now we currently have 3 listings we clean and/or fully manage, all of which maintain a 5 star cleanliness rating. That’s a good start imo!

But if anyone can answer my original question that went unanswered I’d appreciate it. After many searches on a few different search engines I have been unable to find any online forums that have local-specific sections. If you know any I’d love to know about them :slight_smile:

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