Attention Everyone, Major website search issue

After the Winter “improvements?” to the website I decided to use a work computer that is not signed into my AirBnB account and do a search to see if my property came up. I searched using the closest BIG city and then moved the map to my general area. My place did not show up. Zooming in to our neighborhood didn’t show it. So I used a smaller town closer to our house, still no luck. I then use the town our house is located, and it showed up. Problem is no one would know the town by name to do a search. I went around with CS for days and they finally understood the problem and fixed it for me. But a co-worker made a comment to me that his listings had dropped significantly in Jan and Feb. So I used my wife’s computer that is never signed into AirBnB and did a search for his property. Same problem, using the most well know city near him did not show his property, but only after putting the exact small town that the house is in, did it show up. My summation is that this is affecting hundreds of listings. But can you get a CS to understand? Nope. Is there a way to get straight to a Technical Support person? Nope.

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How did they do this for you?

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Hi @RSchnedl ,

Can you clarify what it is you are asking here? Is it that you’d like to know about the experiences of other hosts with the search system?

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I am not really sure, I just started checking from random computers that weren’t signed into AirBnB and I started seeing my listing.

It was to alert others that they need to check from a computer that isn’t logged into Airbnb and see if they see their listing. Big problem after the summer software release and bigger problem after the winter release. It might be unrelated to these releases and just that there is a major flaw in the website all on it’s own.

I think most members here have done that for a long time using incognito browsers. The information is all here at the forum if you use the search facility.

I imagine you’ve contacted Airbnb about this? What did they say? It would be very interesting for members and readers to know.


They don’t acknowledge any problem, and after a few days call back to ask if it’s fixed. This latest time I haven’t gotten any response. I alerted my buddy at work that his wasn’t showing up and he hasn’t said if they fixed his or not. the December software update was coincident to my problems. So not sure if it’s related or not. Airbnb won’t talk to me.

Maybe you should look to how you are talking here, to us, for the reason why airbnb has stopped talking to you.

Your ‘issue’ has been discussed in this thread and you have gotten many answers to your questions. However, being argumentative about the answers you got is an indication of 1. you are not asking the right questions to find the answer you are seeking and 2. you do not understand what is plain in airbnb’s MO.

“Seeing” your listing can be done with the ‘preview’ icon on your website hosting page. Airbnb at one time made everyone see their listing ‘at the top’ when the (usually beginner) host did their first cursory search for themselves. it made the beginner happy and excited. It is, of course, something made easy since you are signed in. Similar to when Amazon ‘welcomes’ you back (OMG how do they know it was me??!!??) it is pretty routine computer stuff.

You are probably new to understanding computers, or have just a simple vision of what goes on in a web platform. No problem, but the whining and attacking is never going to get anyone here to take you seriously.

What is not appropriate is arrogance and demands. This forum is made up of hosts who are interested in working together to solve problems and trade knowledge. If you come here simply to demand answers to a question (that was answered pretty early on - you just didn’t understand the answer) you will soon find that Karens are not tolerated.


@RSchnedl This guy Sean is a mega host with 150 properties, and tries to sell his webinars, the kind of host I normally dismiss, but he does study this stuff and you may find his conclusions re what the winter release did to search interesting. You don’t have to pay to watch this one.

And Airbnb reps are know nothing, outsourced workers. You are wasting your time trying to get info from them.


@Rolf, I am not sure what you are talking about, when you say how I’ve talked to you? I just went back up and looked and I haven’t been argumentative on this string. What did I demand? I was just putting out something that is a problem with the website. I just did a search in an area where my coworker has a listing. He is new to this, as I am. It had 17 pages of listings. I went through all of them and his listing is not shown. He has no booking for January, Feb or March. My guess is, because no one can see his listing. I thought this might be a problem but apparently this is normal?

P.S. I started the 2nd Golf website on the WWW, 1993. I’ve been doing this a while.


Thanks Muddy, this explains some of the problems I have seen.