Attempt to communicate not via air bnb

We have had two booking requests in two days where they said that they had something to discuss and gave a contact number disguised so that it would not be detected by air bnb software. Many misspellings in it. I suspect attempted fraud.

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I agree. Hit the report button and move on.



Not those heads in those beds! :wink:


Request Denied – Uncomfortable with this request… detail them wanted off-platform communication.

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It’s obvious. Some use pdf attachment to list their contact info to bypass filters…but everyone should know that already. Use common sense. Delete and don’t waste time suspecting. Treat it like junk email…move on.

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I have obviously told them that we only communicate through Airbnb, reported them etc. After having two of them in two days and none on the last 10 years I wonder if it is a new issue.