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At what point does a guest deserve a bad review?

I’ve been hosting on Airbnb for about a year now, and on the forum reading for about 6 months, but this is my first post.
Recently, I’ve had a couple less than ideal guests. From assuming a late check out was ok, to peeing in a vase because I was showering, to overall intrusive guests.
Right now I’m dealing with the latter. Two older (60s) women from Italy arrived on saturday, after ringing every bell in my building. Come to find out, one of them doesn’t speak any English, the other barely speaks English. I live in Chicago, and have had more international guests than Americans, so this didn’t strike me as a problem. I lead the way to my apartment (one flight of stairs up), and am standing in the doorway holding the door open for them as they struggled to catch their breath, and they both keep walking up to the next floor! Now, I get that I say my apartment is on the second floor, and that in Europe, 2nd floor means 3rd floor by American terms, but I was standing in my apartment with the door open. Definitely not a deal breaker, but weird nonetheless.
They finally understand where my apartment is, and I show them to their room. “TOO SMALL!” Is the first thing she says. Now, don’t get me wrong, the room isn’t huge, but I have 4 photos of the room that accurately depict it. The next, and last thing she says, “You living here too?” At this point I’m wondering if she even looked at my listing before booking, or for that matter, read any of the house rules.
I had to leave for a while after they checked in, but when I returned, all but two chairs from my dining room table had been moved into the living room to put their suitcases on. The kitchen counter was covered with food they just bought, (I specify in my listing the places where they can put their food) and wet clothes they washed in the tub were hanging up on top of my bath towel.
I have a rule about leaving the bathroom door open when unoccupied stated both in my rules, as well as on the door itself, have asked several times for them to keep it open, yet for some reason they keep closing it. (I get that this sounds anal retentive, but there is no air vent or fan in there, so with the door closed, no fresh air gets in there, and the poop smell never leaves, so trust me, it’s for a good reason)

Fast forward to this morning. I wake up and my phone charging block is missing, and the bathroom sink drain is broken. I move the stopper up and down all the time without a problem, so I’m not sure how this happened. The thing being broken isn’t as big of a deal as the fact that they didn’t tell me they broke it. This has happened in the past with other things, but from guests that were otherwise pleasant.

My question is, would you give these people a bad review? I don’t think they would be terrible guests for someone hosting an apartment occupied only by the guests, but my place is a shared apartment, and they didn’t treat it as such. I was really hoping I could chalk all this up to a language barrier, (though, I’ve honestly had people stay with me who didn’t speak any English before, and it wasn’t a problem since Airbnb translates for people) but the longer this stay continues, the more I’m beginning to believe they just didn’t read the listing properly at all.

I wouldn’t want these people here again, but am I just being overly irritable?
Thanks all!


Not if they’re breaking things and not telling you, if they didn’t read the listing, and if they’re not following your reasonable requests.

Please leave an honest review that mentions the language barrier, their unfamiliarity with your listing and any breakages.

Ok yeah that’s what I was leaning towards. I’m afraid for the other Airbnb’s they’ve booked on the rest of their American tour! :flushed:

They would be terrible guests if they rented a whole apartment in a culture they are not familiar with. If they are breaking things and putting wet clothes on your towels, I can only imagine what they would do left on their own. This is definitely a cultural thing and of course the language barrier doesn’t help.

I think the reason you are justifiably irritated is because of the manner in which they just took over the house and didn’t ask if they could use the phone charger, where they could hang their wet clothes, and ask how the drain works. As far as them pressing all the building buttons, not understanding 2nd floor is not 3rd floor, and keeping bathroom door closed - I wouldn’t mention any of those things in a review. I don’t know anything about Italian culture except the Italians I encountered talk really close to your face, and that is just their culture - unlike Americans who really prefer to have a larger personal space.

Do you think in Italy maybe the culture is to make yourself at home and it is rude not to do so? I’m sorry I couldn’t help. They may have thought they were being considerate by putting luggage on the dining chairs instead of putting it on the bedspreads. I don’t know…

Oh god yes. Leave an honest review listing all of the facts you listed here. Future hosts deserve to know.

I’ve had guests from Italy who spoke hardly any English, and they were the most gracious and pleasant guests anybody could ever want. So, let me say, this has nothing to do with a language barrier. This is all about guests who didn’t respect their host.

At best they were rude and inconsiderate…at worst they were downright destructive.

Well, they left this morning, and left my bathroom covered in shit. Literally. So. Yeah. Bad review time.

What a nightmare! Sorry to hear this!

Oh Em Gee. And, I thought that I had bad guests. Woah…if ever there was a need for a harshly worded review, this would be it. I do not EVER want to see these women trying to book something in my neighborhood.

Oh shit! (pun intended) - care to share the details? Like they took their turds and just smeared them all over the surfaces, walls, etc?

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Let’s see…I probably would have let the part about them not understanding which floor the apartment is located on as well as the “too small” and the “you’re living here?” comments slide.

Everything after that? Have at it.

Sh*t on floor is way, WAY past the point of bad review, and it’s time to flag and report them to Airbnb. Maybe it’s not too late for the rest of their reservations to be cancelled.

I’m sure every host reading has checked their calendar to make sure they don’t have anyone matching the “ladies’” description booked in the near future.

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I’m not exactly sure how or why it happened. Especially considering my bathroom is tiny. It’s either vomit or poop, but I honestly didn’t want to get close enough to find out. I have a dog, but she has literally never pooped inside of my apartment since she was housebroken, so I really doubt it was her.
At second glance, I think it’s vomit, but it’s bad. Real bad. I have photos, but I can’t figure out how to upload them?

Are you able to copy and paste the images instead of uploading them?

Where are you trying to upload them to?

That’s OKAY! I don’t want to see this. i am willing to take your word for it!

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Lol! Close your eyes Jackulas…I am dying to see this! :slight_smile:


Same here! There is an upload button in here. Open a case with airbnb now!

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Definitely contact the Resolution Center as this is disgusting and possibly a health hazard! Protect us all and report them, hopefully you have a damage deposit as part of your listing. If so, go for the maximum since this will act to reimburse you for your trouble & proper cleaning as it might not end there; I would professionally clean the unit!

I am very specific with reviews and take pictures. If you want to run a review past me before posting, I wouldn’t mind since I am a professional business writer and have worked in executive recruitment where nuanced writing/references is crucial.

Take care!

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I second that thought!

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Do not hold back. Give them a bad review without a second thought!

This may be generalizing but I think many Italians are used to living in walk up apartments. When I visited Florence, my friend’s flat was on the 5th floor…and man was that a several- times-per day workout! Up and down those stairs. The view of Florence was worth it though and the price was right.

But back to your story…I just think this sounds miserable…one of the worst ever!!!. And just when I think I have heard I all, something like this gets posted on the forum! So sorry for your pain.

Open a case with Air. Leave them a bad review at the last minute and then join our Bad Guest thread and post their photos! Disgusting!!! Ghastly!


i have been a host since 2010/2011 started new year week since then have hosted people all ages and types i have 98% all year and mixed reviews
here are some thing i have learnt to limit horrors happening

  1. say yes to people your own age its as a rule less awkward
  2. to people using ABB first and older explain its not a hotel and maybe better to try iether that or renting a studio flat etc or expect tears
    3.only let the backpacker generation stay once you know for sure they have travelled for real ask them have they done london to iran, proper backpackers will appreciate the question =
    4.dont try to be a professional bed and breakfast unless you are if so? charge accordingly
    5.if they say very little or too much then it a red flag = dont do preaprove until you have checked everything
    checklist includes
    what time they are arriving and leaving
    is it thier first experience
    if ABB is a recommend check what they want
    if too much suggest cheap studios in the city that might work better for them than staying in a room
    if they insist and you dont want them to stay just tell them ton find alternative places -
    you will always get another booking
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