Asking to borrow clothing

Does anyone have issues with guests taking being a nice host as being friends?

I have a current guest asking to borrow clothing to go out to the bar in and I said no.

I don’t lend clothing to friends, much less guests… just seems odd.

It is odd if it’s not for warmth. Maybe they forgot a sweater or coat or came from a warmer climate?

If it’s a dress or other attire to get dolled up to go have drinks–heck no!


Oh dear, borrows clothes, looks fabulous, finds man in bar… bingo! Extra unregistered guest and a forensic clean of your outfit… just NO!


Even if it was for warmth I am a hotel not a store lol, I provide you with a warm place to skeep not war clothes.

That’s what 7 day forecast is for :joy:


A forensic clean… (good one!) :grinning:

Shades of THAT blue dress


My FIRST thought exactly.


I’ve had guests ask to borrow a mac because it was raining. I lent it but definitely felt weird about it.

A big ick!! from me. :-1::-1::-1:

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I have offered winter coats to people who didn’t bring the right number of layers, and rain jackets for those who arrive without. I am not particularly attached to these items of clothing and always hope that I won’t need them either.

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That is a very nice courtesy and one I agree with. But any other form of clothing would be a rude ask by the guest, IMHO.

I agree…clothing to go out to a bar…is a weird request!
That being said, I do have a couple of extra scarves that I have lent to some female guests if I think they may need it and if I like them.

I loaned a pullover to this really nice guy who’d been living in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. His teeth were chattering! He was headed down to the beach to test a drone he’d bought. It’s low 70sF here in the late afternoon but he was fweeeeezing.


Oh come on. Life’s and adventure. I could just see the scenario…Audrey Hepburn’s black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I offered to lend a pair of Forsake hiking boots to one of my favourite Canadian guests, who were staying for 3 months. He loved them so much he ordered a pair online.

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