Asking a guest for profile picture

Can I ask a guest for a profile pic? He just has a drawing. I’m not concerned about the booking particularly but it just feels better having a picture, more like why wouldn’t you put a picture? What are the rules with Air B and B? Thanks

If you have the box ticked on your listing that you require a photo of guests, then ask the guest to upload a photo of himself onto his profile @Mountainclimber17

My house rules say that your profile picture must be a picture of your face without obstructions (i.e. large hat or sunglasses). Also, that their legal last name must be listed. I also ask for full legal names ages, and addresses and selfies for their guests of everyone staying in the str. I tell them I may ask for govt. id to be shown upon receipt. (I almost never meet my guests). I was told that as long as I disclose this as part of my rules prior to booking it’s ok to ask. (Of course until some customer service reps decides it’s not but I do have it in writing).

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There are lots of reasons - too many to go into here. But I want to reassure you though. I have had many many guests with no photograph and not one of them has ever been troublesome in the slightest.

As others have said, yes you can ask the guest. But it’s truly not any indication of what they really look like. I could go to any one of a dozen sites right now that offer free-of-charge photographs and download one of an attractive young woman :slight_smile:


As others have said, you can certainly ask. Not everyone likes to put a pic of themselves on their profile - but if this is a prerequisite for you then you are entitled to ask! You have to feel comfortable about accepting a booking, hosting a stranger can be a daunting enough experience. A few ideas on how to screen a guest:

  • Identify your target market and outline who your rental would suit:
    If you want to put off party people and attract those who you believe fit your target market then you can use a clever description e.g. A peaceful pad offering rest and relaxation in tranquil surroundings.

  • Watch out for guests who want to take the convo out of the platform:
    Also, look out for guests who ask for tons of information but are reluctant or vague when answering your questions. Impolite guests are also ones to avoid!

  • Check for personal details -
    Does your potential guest have a full profile including contact details e.g. email address? You can also turn detective and check out social connections.

Happy hosting!

Don’t start giving me ideas. LOL.


is your listing part of your personal space or a separate apartment?
did you click that profile pic necessary for booking?

If you clickeed that for instant book profile pic was necessary, and you got a drawing, picture of a dog, a cat or a beach, I think you would be justified to cancel the reservation.

but as always I would recommend reaching out nicely to the person first maybe they didnt realise the impact of putting a bad profile pic.

My recent guest had a profile photo that made me uneasy, because he looked creepily like at least 2 famous serial killers. When he and his wife turned up, both very cheerful, smiley people, he (not me!!) mentioned his photo within five minutes - he hadn’t realised he should provide one, and was in a hurry to book, so posted an old one, the only photo he could find. “It makes me look like a mass murderer!” he said. I said nothing…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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