Asked for pre-approval? with instant book enabled

I have instant booking enabled, but just got a request for a pre approval in a booking for tonight.
Has that happend to anyone else?

Yes, from time to time I get a request to book even though I have Instant Book enabled. The booking request usually come from potential guests who have questions.

Is it possible to bypass the Instant Booking option like this? If so, I didn’t know.

It must be, as my experience is the same as @EllenN. Guests will ask for a preapproval if they have questions. Usually the question is something like, “Can you host me and my entire extended family in your two person, one room rental, and not charge any extra?”


I would estimate that at least half our guests contact me before they use Instant Book and when they do, there is the pre-approve option.

The most common questions I get are about early check in and luggage storage. Then there are those who want to know how far away we are from various places. I’ve only had enquiries asking for discounts a couple of times.

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I would say we get more requests for pre-approvals than Instant Book reservations. Like @jaquo said most have questions, that are usually already answered in my copy.

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Yes. In addition to guests who have questions I had a situation this week where someone wanted an early check in time. When the request came through there was a notification attached to it that said I was getting this notification because the guest wanted check in outside of my normal hours.

Unfortunately it was after midnight and I was looking at the request on my phone. So I approved her and then told her check in was at 3 and the room wouldn’t be ready until then and I had an appointment at her requested arrival time. I’m sure she must have thought I was a complete nitwit.

I made up for it the next day when I was able to get the room turned over before noon and sent her a nice note telling her she could check in as soon as she got to town.

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