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Lol, my ac is limited to a low of 68 so hopefully I will avoid a lawsuit. But the high of 74 for heat may be an issue for some!



They probably did not book through AirBnb because then the impartial customer service would likely already have been issued them a full refund for enduring extreme discomfort, and additionally the house would be delisted for the horrible toxic chemicals plus providing insufficient a/c or failure to fully provide a listed amenity or being untrue in the listing. However, ABB would never care about being in violation of any local ordinance or legislation. Must have been a direct booking…so they could save on the listing fees. Professional Scammers. Yes, owner should have put a/c down to 68 but that doesn’t warrant all this drama and a full refund. And yards have to be taken care of …2 hours?? big deal! This house is incredibly low priced for 2 weeks in the Hamptons. It’s a rock bottom priced bargain! $10,000 for 2 weeks is a deal!

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The Hamptons in the summer… AC to 68. What a joke. I grew up on Long Island and spent summers (and the other 3 seasons) in the Hamptons and Montauk.

NO AC to be found in the majority of houses. Big box fans in windows and ceiling fans. Good grief, my late Mom barely used the AC here in FL.

These guests are idiots.


Unable to withstand a 2 degree F. difference in temperature? Not only are they total woosies, they aren’t even embarrassed to publicize their woosiness.


Of course not. In a nation that values net worth and overconsumption, why would they?

OTOH, the host who wants to quibble over 2 degrees in a rental at this price point has nothing to be proud of either.

I think that means they are feeling disoriented or unbalanced.

Wussy is the spelling you want.


I knew the spelling didn’t look right, but couldn’t think of the right spelling. Thx.
Wouldn’t disoriented be spelled wooziness, though?

There is an exact portrayal of this temperature wussiness and entitlement in the youtube video “First World Problems”, where a young woman sits huddled under a blanket, crying, saying “I’m so cold. Someone set the AC to 72. I need it at 73”.,vid:vN2WzQzxuoA,st:0

US English yes. I thought you were using the King’s English, using an s instead of a z. :wink:

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Amen to that. I’ve had potential guests ask if they can control the AC based on degrees and I’ve said no, because that room gets freezing cold at 75 and I’ve asked them to try it out for a night. But my rental price won’t support AC at 72 or even 68. That would burn out my HVAC in Florida summers.

Time to purchase an accurate thermostat for your system.

It’s not the thermostat, it’s the way the ducting works. I’ve had people in but I don’t have $50,000 for a new HVAC (I’ve been told I should do 2 for a 1900sqt house) and to rework the ducting.

My solution is simple - I tell people that they cannot control the thermostat and if that’s a deal breaker, then look elsewhere or they can cancel penalty-free within 48 hours.