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As an airbnb host, do you wish to save the trouble of handing over keys?

Key Exchange has been a painful fact for Airbnb Host. We are here to provide a solution to you.

How Igloohome Airbnb Lock Solve Your Problem?

With our Igloohome Smart Lock, we are able to direct integrate with Airbnb listings, to synchronize your reservations with access to your home or property, so that you would not have to worry about check-in and check-out of guests again.

Host Assist – Host Assist allows for easy key exchange and keyless entry without the need to manually schedule anything.

When a guest’s accommodation booking is confirmed, we send a unique PIN code to the guest.
They will use it to enter your property throughout their stay.
At the end of the stay, the guest’s PIN code expires.
When the next accommodation booking is confirmed, a new PIN code is generated for the next guest.
Even when your guests arrive late at night, or early in the morning, Igloohome smart solution makes it simple and easy for guests to access your premise.

Another concern that Airbnb hosts have, is that the problem of guests duplicating the key, if using the conventional lock and key stem. With Igloohome smart solution, the constant changing of PIN codes heightens security of the property, so you have peace of mind.

Multiple Modes of Entry the smart way

LED touchscreen that can be unlocked when you tap in a 8-digit PIN code. Our smart lock does not need an internet connection to function. The magic comes from the synchronisation of our smart lock and our mobile app, even before the lock is installed. The technology behind the system is actually much more complicated than that - algorithms and seeds and many other technical terms are involved.

If you are in close distance of the lock (eg. within an approx 10m radius), you can easily tap ‘Unlock’ from our mobile app, put your hand over the touchscreen of the lock to activate it, and the smart lock will unlock accordingly. Bid farewell to the times when you were locked out of your home because you forgot to bring your keys out!

You may not even need to use this option at all, but it is retained as a mode of entry for emergency situations (eg. if you are unable to change the batteries of the lock before they run out of power). This is the conventional lock and key method, in which you insert a physical key and turn it to unlock the lock. It is the back-up plan, to provide you reassurance that you will be able to enter your home no matter what.

Our Company is based in Malaysia and we are the authorised reseller of Igloohome for Malaysia.

Feel free to look for more details and order our product at http://www.smartlockmalaysia.com/
(Only for Malaysian)

Why not integrating with others platforms like booking.com, own website etc?

Hi Sylvain,

We are only able to integrate with airbnb as we are airbnb preferred partner. Upon booking, a temporary pin code will be generated for guest to enter the premises. It provides convenience to the guest to enter at any time they wish and the host can save trouble of handing over the keys.

We hope to provide solution for the airbnb host.

Thank you.

If you are a Malaysian, feel free to check out with me on the Smart Lock. For other countries, we have other resellers.

how do you manage to provide host with apartment units where you need a fob to entry the building and a key for the unit?

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