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Artificial Intelligence powered Guest Experience

Hi, fellow hosts!

It’s been 4 months since I and my girlfriend have been hosting guests on Airbnb. The experience is fantastic - I really enjoy meeting new people, with whom we ended up being really good friends.

Having in mind the desire to provide the best experience, and also being a tech guy myself, I decided to build some custom stuff:

I took Amazon Echo device (which is pretty sophisticated by itself), and added few extra capabilities:

Integration with the building:

  • Valet Parking integration

  • Package integration

  • Community calendar/events

Also, I’ve found out that I repeatedly do few things like I recommend dining places, some basic house rules like “please lock the door on the deadbolt when leaving”. Since we live in San Francisco, next to the waterfront, and pretty usually people ask about best places for jogging, and other stuff like that.

Having that, I have additionally built FAQ with house rules, recommendations and WiFi password.

Here is the video of what it looks like (* this one has no FAQ in it, the first pilot)

I’m testing it out now, and can keep you updated if interested.

Happy to hear the feedback from the hosts, what do you guys think in general?

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