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Article on best house guests

Saw this on Apartment Therapy and had to share it since there have been threads about 50 and overs being the pickiest guests. Your thoughts on this as an Airbnb host?

I (as a ‘well over 50’) don’t think “over 50s” are picky. They are, however, a lot more experienced at life, living and accommodations than the 20-somethings and 30-somethings who are jumping on this accommodations bandwagon as quick-and-dirty, minimalist hosts. But – they know what they want, and they know what it’s worth, to them, to get those things in the Real World. You aren’t going to readily ‘con’ them into buying a ‘pig inna poke’ - they know the price of pork and the price of a poke, and aren’t going to be taken in by a bunch of razzle/dazzle marketing hype.

If you offer, at good value, what they want, at a price they are willing to pay, they’ll beat a path to your door, and tell everyone they know what a great time they had at your place. . If you try to pull the wool over their eyes, you’ll get a bad review and no referrals.

BTW, the Over-50s are well over 50 percent of our guests at the Poolside Cabana with Gourmet Flair.

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I agree Ken. That’s a great way of summarising hosting.

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