Article about Airbnb accounts being hacked

Something to keep in mind. A British article about Airbnb user accounts being hacked.

People should be more careful. It can happen at any of the accounts you provide card details. Ebay, amazon etc.
Who has £14k in their current account and then puts the card details online? All banks give you a current and savings account. Some banks even give you web cards so you dont use your main debit card online. Some people have 0 common sense

It’s The Sun. Horrible publication with no morals - only tabloid that many folks in the U.K. refuse to read or buy on principle.

“I personally know several people this has happened to in one week”

Reckon that makes you either a liar, or one of the unluckiest folks on Twitter.


I was thinking almost those exact words when I saw the link. I think it’s changed a bit since I left the UK - but probably not for the better.