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Art pieces for your rental property


Hi hosts,
I’m curious how people beautify their apartments and houses for rent.
Where do you get your art pieces? And are they limited to wall art like paintings and photography or also other art pieces like statues, vases and various table pieces?
Would you also prefer to get cheaper artwork from local stores IKEA, Home Goods etc. or would you consider investing significantly into real artwork from maybe local artists or buying art in galleries or online?
How much have you spend for you house apartment decorations?
Also I wonder if anyone suggested to visitors in any way that art in the house could be for sale if visitors like a piece and want to buy one.

Please share your thoughts on this.



All art is bought 2nd hand on facebook groups or garage sales. I would not have anything that I could not afford to lose at any of my 4 listings. If i was staying at someones Airbnb I would find it really weird if I was offered their furnishings at a price.
You are not the first to think of this.



I have framed Art by VanGogh and small canvases painted by my kids… J refinish furniture so there is no shortage of color. I have sold pieces and would do it again.



I think there is already a thread on this forum from someone who came here with the same concept a while back @airbnbart.

Worth you having a look?

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Yeah – we’ve had this conversation before. People mostly don’t want expensive (more than $10 or $20) art for fear of it being damaged. Acting as a display space for local artists is too much liability. My partner is a watercolorist and we do use some of her pieces as decoration. They have very discrete price tags if someone is interested.

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thrift shop and estate sales. i have a Goodwill on my way to work. prior to opening my house to the public I stopped by that goodwill daily on may way from work and then went to estate sales with religiosity every weekend and other thrift stores. I scored pretty good art work at derisory prices. Forget ikea. that comes apart in a few months, very poor quality. HomeGoods yes, I got a pic from them actually. I was looking for bedding when i saw this that was a perfect match to the color scheme in one of the bedrooms.



I buy art that can be shipped like oil paintings and scrolls off the Internet especially ebay. When I travel, I buy all types of art from street artists. I buy from friends who make art. Thrift stores too. My favorite piece is from Salvation Army.



Thanks for your insight Ken. I will definitely look into other conversations on this matter. But I wonder if there are ways to mitigate that liability. AirBnb covers property damage/theft as I understand. Wouldn’t the art pieces be covered by that warranty?



Definitely. I was searching using different terms and didn’t get many results. But I see some discussions when searching for ‘wall art’. Thanks for pointing it out.



Good for you. I feel like visitors maybe interested in some original art by local artists. There shouldn’t be any push to sell art of course but if people are interested in buying a piece and you can sell, I don’t see a reason why not.
Unlikely anyone would want to buy an unsophisticated mass-produced art pieces. People want to buy a piece if it talks to their soul and heart. And some genuine art does that no doubt. I wish you luck with your kids paintings.

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Yes, I’ve been thinking of visiting a Goodwill stores but it’s kinda pain in the butt to hunt for art like that since not always they have art or good art for that matter in stock. HomeGoods don’t always have real good stuff also and a bit pricy for the mass-produced prints that look below average. Several pieces can easily cost you $200-400

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yes, it is a hit or miss indeed. but as I said this one it’s on my way to work so i would only spend 15 min. if they don’t have it i’m out of there. in 6 months though I found pretty good stuff and their prices are very, very good. I think it is either time (to go there and search) or money (go to the stores and buy at higher prices) you have to sacrifice.
here’s another idea that might help you. You could print pictures you took (at pharmacies etc) and framed them yourself. Just buy nice frames (goodwill and thirft stores also) and put your pics in there. I wouldnt buy frames at ikea because they are low quality. same with homegoods, michaels etc… oh and hobby lobby… i dont shop there because the owner is a trump donor.



I have my kids paintings down there because it makes them proud to see it there. I have it written several times on my listing that I have four children that will likely be heard so I think having their artwork kind of drives that point a little bit more that this is a family home. I don’t sell their paintings though. I have sold several pieces of my refinished furniture though. I’m definitely not one who who likes mass-produced hotel-style artwork. I did go with Van Gogh simply because I like the colors in the set of paintings.

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I really would bet that you don’t :slight_smile:



Haahhahaa… never said originals… and if I did they certainly wouldnt be in a basement airbnb…

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I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist… :wink:

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Lol, haven’t even heard of hobby lobby but since owner is trump supporter I don’t even want to learn about it :slight_smile:
Thanks for the advice though.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have an online subscription service where you can pay certain amount a month and have ability to select artworks by local artists? And then if art is sold you get a % back to recover subscription cost.



Van Gogh looks nice but it’ll be overkill to have an original :smiley:

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I like your style. Buying oil paintings is something I’ve been looking into. But they usually come at the price. Have you known any websites that allow you to rent artwork or something like that?



“I wonder if there are ways to mitigate that liability. AirBnb covers property damage/theft as I understand. Wouldn’t the art pieces be covered by that warranty?”



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