Art imitating host life

(I hope that worked)

If it didn’t: it’s a flyer advertising a local (NYC) one man show. The title is Rent Control

tagline is: To be, or Airbnb.

Are you going to see it?

Have you bought your tickets?

Lol. Doubt it. My babysitter married her girlfriend and moved back to Georgia and i haven’t found a good replacement yet.

Besides, I live the drama of mystery hair in the tub drain, I don’t need to watch it on stage. :wink:

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Oh but you really do!! I want my pulling-hair-out-the-tub life to be acknowledged and glamourised on the stage. I suspect, though, that it’s probably anti-air? Please post reviews if you can!

Found one!

(Looks like he now lives in Astoria. Now I feel obligated to cyberstalk him on Facebook. Cough. I mean reach out to a new neighbor…)