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Arizona AIr Conditioning & Nest



Hi. I’m looking for reply’s from other hosts that host homes in Arizona only. This is about the 9 hot months a year that we have.

Do you use a nest thermostat?

If so, what temperate do you allow your guests to cool to?

Do you use the ECO mode? What temp do you have that at?

Do you have in your listing that the home is equipped with a nest? What verbaiage do you use.

Do you disclose the lowest the AC can be turned to?

Thanks in advance!!


Phoenix AZ here

  1. Yes. I use a Nest Thermostat; I have a guest house which has a Nest Thermostat (and I also have 2 in the main house).

  2. My guests can set it to whatever temperature that they like. Having the app does allow me to see what temp it is at so I’ll say that it varies greatly. Some guests like it colder … upper 60’s, some prefer 70’s.

  3. I use ECO mode when guests aren’t staying, and the place is empty. Usually a few hours before the guest arrive, I’ll turn it on. If it’s exceptionally hot (dog days of summer) I’ll turn it on early morning to mid 70s

  4. I don’t have a Nest description in the listing. I do however have a house manual that provides basic instructions. I try to keep it very simple. Unless the guest is familiar with NEST I find that its simpler to have it on ‘Cool’ or ‘Heat’, not both, ‘Heat . Cool’

The instructions with a photo of the blue cooling mode says: Nest Thermostat (in Bedroom): Rotate dial to adjust temperature

The only issue I’ve had is that NEST has an analytic capability that tries to interpret temperature settings and schedule based on prior usage. That should be turned off, otherwise it creates schedules that have little to do with the current guests preferences.

  1. I do not advise the guest as to what the lowest (or highest) temperature should be. I think its all about their comfort. I do however ask that if they are going to be out, that they adjust the temperature to something reasonable, ideally upper 70s (summer) to conserve energy.

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